Desert Sessions Volume I and II
1996 Man's Ruin Records Inc.
Written by Acquitted Felons
Music by Acquitted Felons

Josh Homme: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keys
Dave Catching: Bass, Vocals, Lap Steel, Percussion
Fred Drake: Drums, Keys, Guitars, Percussion
John Paul McBain: Guitars
Ben Shepherd: Bass
Brant Bjork: Drums, Guitar, Bass
Carlo Von Sexron: Percussion
Alfredo Hernandez: Drums, Percussion
Pete Stahl: Vocals
Reverend Bruno Ponce Jones: Sermons

Produced by Acquitted Felons
Mixed by Josh Homme, Fred Drake
Engineered by Fred Drake
Recorded at Rancho De La Luna, 5-12 August 1997

Preaching [ lyrics ]
Girl Boy Tom [ guitar ]
Monkey In The Middle [ guitar ]
Girl Boy Tom [ guitar ]
Cowards Way Out [ guitar ]
Robotic Lunch {alt. Version} [ guitar ]
Johnny The Boy [ guitar ] [ lyrics ]
Screamin' Eagle [ guitar ]
Cake (Who Shit On The?) [ guitar ] [ lyrics ]
Man's Ruin Preach [ lyrics ]