//takari's history\\

Basically about how they meet, their interaction & friendship , and my few opinion .Thanks for Digimon Experience for all of this picture !

Season 01

Their first met is in episode well forget the name but it's when Tailmon's first digivolve to Angewomon .Of course they don't really notice about each other because the condition while that is too messy and the battle is the most important thing ,but as the owner of angels digimon and the special crest they're forcing to working together like while both of their digimon must shoot their arrow to their brother ,so after that both Takeru and Hikari along with their partner try to be a friends and begin to notice each other .

 The first time they go together ... Hope & Light

As the youngest in the group they go along pretty well although you maybe don't look their interaction so much before the episode My sister Keeper ,kid stick with kid that's the point, since the beginning I'm sure Takeru hopes that he can have a friend in his age although Mimi can really get along with him because she has same childish mind but of course Mimi still 2 years more older than he's so they can't always play together .So except Mimi Takeru more enjoy to be with the Digimon like while Sora been kidnapping while the others stick up ,just Takeru who join the digimon group maybe for him it's more easy to have fun with the digimon because all of the older digi destined has their own problem which he can't really understand .So while Gennai told them that there's a 8th child ,he hopes that child is in same age with him ,and yeah his hopes is granted Hikari is the eight child .
In episode My sister Keeper Takeru look scared and worried about Hikari' s condition which look so bad ,he along with Sora take care about her ,he try the best to take care about her although is maybe pretty hard for him but yeah he did it pretty well .More interaction about them is ( forget the episode too gomen ^_^ my memory is not too good you want to know ^_^ yeah maybe episode Kari's Light )we can look that Takeru with Hikari which half of her body buried in soil , it's pretty cute moment while that .

Worried about Hikari Are you okay ? ~Takeru Praying Together

So more episodes continue until the episode Piedmon Last Jest, which I consider as the special Takari's episode in Season 01 ,the condition while that is pretty bad Piedmon change all of them to be a doll ,so just Sora, Hikari and Takeru left along with Patamon ,Sora as the responsible one, know the only hope is at Takeru and Hikari and she must sacrifice herself to safe them ,so because she knows that only Takeru who can protect Hikari ,she make Takeru to promise to always protect Hikari no matter what. Takeru agree with it although he really scare about what will happen ,then just Takeru ,Hikari and Patamon left .They find a rope that can go longer to the up ,so they use it Hikari and Patamon go first and then Takeru but Piedmon can catch Takeru's leg so he can't continue to escape but as a good friend and unselfish person Hikari grab Takeru's hand ,Takeru knows if Hikari didn't go she will get catch too and he can't fulfill his promise to Sora so he told her to go but Hikari didn't want to and still hold Takeru's hand . Later they both falling down and yes still holding hands.

"Takeru please promise to protect Hikari "~ Sora I promise Looking at something ... Plan to escaping Go up Patamon come to rescue ! That Famous holding hands ... Still holding hands...Magnaangemon appears

Yes they safe because Takeru's crest glowing and Magnaangemon appears ,but since that I believe their friendship is deeper and begin to admires each other also the special connection between them is start to build . Like I remember a cute moment after the battles is over Takeru go to the digi-tama /digi-egg garden and he called Hikari to join him ,well the view of this two cute innocent kid in the middle of the digi-tama garden is really beautiful and kawaii !! is like the two angels bring a new life ^_^  .

Season 02

3 years after the battle ,Takeru and Hikari must start the adventure again ,just them as the old digi-destined who join the new group ,most possible reason it's because their age and of course the group still need Hope & Light .Yeah Takeru now already moving to odaiba but with different appearances he changes a lot ,now he's a handsome boy with all of his athletic talent as basket ball player and so did Hikari ,she's not a little innocent girl again ,more flirty ,but still with the perfectness like the old time .Takeru get into same class with Hikari ,he sit with her too .My opinion in that 3 years their friendship is getting stronger ,they look very close and really nice at each other .

Little Chit chat ...  Daisuke get jealous in the first time ^_^ Curios about Daisuke

And now they have an obstacle in their relationship although it doesn't really bother them ,yeah it's Daisuke the biggest fan of Hikari ^_^ Daisuke really have a huge crush for her ,pretty clear right ? in his first meet with Takeru ,he already get jealous because Takeru & Hikari look have an intimate chat, yeah it's just chat but it's enough for Daisuke to think about romance between them (well love is blind ^_^) So after school is over he ask Takeru with full of furiousness well forget his question but it's about Hikari ,but Takeru don't really get what he means about ,he just smile and said "Daisuke you have a good sense of humor " or something like that. After Daisuke joined the group he always shows his heroic side to Hikari to get her attention but Hikari don't really notice it ,she just still ignored him and sometimes said a rude word to him (poor Daisuke) , although they can work together well in the battle . And Daisuke 's attitude to Takeru is not too good ,the fact is he thinks Takeru is his rival so he always do everything to embarrassed him or have a competition toward Hikari . Probably Takeru don't really realized about it he still try to be nice to Daisuke until yeah their big fight about Agumon which get catch by Ken ,they fight twice time if I don't wrong but well after that Takeru still being nice  and Daisuke still act like the old time . 
Well just forget about Daisuke for a second okay ? let's talk about just Takeru and Hikari now , like I always said they both consider each other as best friend in season 02 their friendship just like Taichi and Sora which already have friendship since kid . But Hikari never arguing so much with Takeru like Sora did to Taichi probably because Takeru well .. always do the right thing .No doubt that Takeru likes Hikari maybe more than crush, Takeru still keep his promise to always protect Hikari ,in every time if Hikari look get into danger situation, he always ready to be in her side .If he fail to protect her its will make him really regret about it like when Hikari get trapped in the digital world and Daisuke said it's his fault ,he agree with it, and he did blame his self .So I guess Hikari  really mean much for him not just as a friend but as the most important person for him . 

 Protect Hikari Blame his self Takeru-kun !

So how about Hikari ? , does she has same feelings with Takeru ? I guess she has same feelings like Takeru ,she likes Takeru although I never see she really show it until now ^_^ (I don't watch all 02 yet ) but after see ep 13 I guess no doubt she cares about Takeru , she yell Takeru's name while in the danger after Taichi and Tailmon's name ,does it mean something to you ? for me it yes Taichi and Tailmon are the person who really means alot for her so I guess Hikari adore Takeru as the person who means alot for her . Now let's talk about ep. 13 which all of Takari's fans call it Takari's special episode . Click here to read it well it's really long ^_^ (It's all of the story too ^_^ with my opinion ).

Their Digivice glowing together,,,, New Digivice New armon evolution digimon too

They also find their digi-mental together ,look the picture at the top .Seems everything is always together for them ,like I said Hope & Light always connecting no matter what ,so it's like if there's Hikari so there's Takeru too ^_^ it's already their fate , even in the Movie 3 they have a trip to America ,just two of them .Well don't you think they already be a special friend ? I mean come on 11 years old teens alone in America ,make sense huh ? here 's some picture : 

Sweet Moment

In the battle they work together really well and of course they always been seeing to work together ^_^ .Not really hard to find evidence or hints in them ,and that evidence isn't you know feign like because they always beside each other or something like that ,yeah they always beside each other but they have something to do or talk not just beside each other ,and they really have a strong friendship ,talk about friendship the friendship who can really compare with theirs maybe just Taichi and Yamato ,Daisuke and Ken or perhaps Miyako and Iori . And I tell you their relationship is not just build by you know same special crest ,same digimon ,or have same big brother like everyone always said (even me ^_^) I think it's some hints too but their relationship is more than that same common .That's the truth.
Let's talk about the triangle love again ,I doubt that Takeru and Hikari really realized they trapped in triangle love with Daisuke well maybe Hikari noticed it but nor Takeru .Takeru never ask Davis to have competition or whatever it's , he never really cared about that triangle love things and just let Daisuke do whatever he wants .Probably because he trust that Hikari will be always his best friend and no one who can replaced his place in her heart and that's true even Miyako can't really replaced Takeru's place which has role as her best friend in season 02 . Though Miyako can also be adored as Hikari's best friend ,but the best for her is Takeru . Daisuke presence at Takeru and Hikari relationship can't and never bother their relationship , Hikari and Takeru already you know have a special connection to each other like what just happen in ep 13 .and no one can change it and I guess Daisuke know it but he don't want to think about it and keep trying to get Hikari's attention every time (this guy have a good strength ^_^) .So Daisuke can still try and try and keep hoping but that's useless .It's hard for him to get a competition with Takeru of course ; Takeru is handsome, have a good tempered ,and always being nearly perfect but even Takeru is not perfect like he was now I think Hikari will still choose him nor Daisuke ,she likes Takeru not because his charmness or everything (despite the fact maybe it's the most possible reason ^_^) but because he's Takeru who already have dead and life experience with her in the past three years ,and the person who already protected and helped her in every condition .
And other else let's talk about Ken ,Ken ? yes it's because there're enough fans for them in the net .For the truth I like them together I mean they look good together ^_^ (and I think more possoble than Daikari )but for me Takari is better of course .I read somewhere that Takeru & Hikari  always be together is because just them which have the title the old digi-destined who join the new group and Kekari (Ken & Hikari) is more possible because they have many common like you know they really have a connection with darkness stuff ,I won't doubt that, that's true so maybe they have some evidence in here but because Ken have a same problem with Hikari ,and they always help each other because it ,it doesn't mean they really have you know strong relationship although I think they will , I think it's more because the impetus feelings to help each other against that darkness stuff .If you have friend that have same problem as you of course you both will begin to help each other ,right ? And I know that Hikari help Ken pretty much after Ken joined the group but come on we know Hikari always help her friends plus she knows that Ken has the same problem with her .Talk about darkness stuff Takeru has it too right ? he has his own dark side behind his wise smile so I guess you already understand it now .But no doubt Ken & Hikari have chance to you know have strong relationship but not as much Takeru and Hikari have .

 They're so cute !! The Power of love ...

Let's talk about the reason why they like at each other ,okay ? in my opinion Takeru likes Hikari because her kindness and her light ,why I said her light ? Hikari has a sunny personality ,she keep everything around her you know looks life ,cheerful I mean .In his eyes Hikari is always being perfect despite the fact he knows she not always being perfect because that darkness problem .Even there's other perfect girl who want to get close from him I doubt he will notice it . And Hikari ?most possible reason because what Takeru did to her in season 01 , remember Piedmon Last Jest ? she'll never forget that moment ,and the other reason is because maybe his personality which full of Hope and the other good things (who don't ?) ^_^ .This couple maybe which always called perfect ,no doubt about it and I guess Daikari ,Kenkari and the others Hikari's other pairings never really can doubt the fate of their togetherness .Even they show a lot of other Hikari's pairing evidence or proof.

The assumed official couple

TOEI seems want to pairing them up but never make them as a real couple ,yeah they show that official picture before the last episode of Zero two come .The Takari's fans of course already happy about it but that change to nightmare after watched the last episode of Zero two ,Hikari & Takeru didn't married ,yeah they're not , the reason ? who knows ,just them who knows .But they do make Kenyako and Sorato as an official couples which make me really get my nerves @_@ .I really can't imagine them with other guy or woman ,but well my though TOEI just want us to keep look at them as a great friends "forever" and show that great friends never really can't get into romance relationship or end to be Husband and Wife ,this just my though not really their reason . If you want to know my other opinion about Sorato and Kenyako ,these couple never really show the really deep friendship in the show like Takari .And in my mind Takari is the official couple and the most possible couple in Digimon ,no doubt ,keep that mind in your head too okay ? .Okay I'll add more stuff later after see all the season 02 ^_^.