Karakan MIDI karaoke editor (version 5.0)

What is Karakan?

Karakan is a free and easy to use editor for creating MIDI karaoke files. It runs on Windows 95 or higher. You can enter the lyrics of a song in the Karakan editor, as text, in Song Text Format (STF). From this STF text and a given MIDI file (.mid), Karakan makes a karaoke file (.kar). You can test the karaoke file using Karakan's internal playing facilities, or using an external karaoke player, which is executable from within Karakan.

Karakan's features include:
  • Easy entering of song lyrics as text (in Song Text Format).
  • Automatic hyphenation of the song text for several languages.
  • Playing facilities: playing from the beginning of the karaoke file or from the current line in the text.
  • Creating karaoke files either in Soft Karaoke file format or as MIDI file with lyrics.
  • Online help.

Downloading Karakan

Karakan version 5.0.
French version of the help file (by Gaétan Bibler).
Short Dutch user manual (by Johan Komrij).
If you don't have a karaoke player, try vanBasco's Karaoke Player.

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Last update: March 23, 2009.

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