I am an unfamous artist of oil painting in Japan
nameTakayuki Shizu
birthAugust 13th 1973
start of being of an artistI bassically liked to drow picture when I was a child.
Coming to America for studying English five years ago,The big harricane,Andrew or something,attacked to my resident area,Mississippi.By that,erectricity shut down a couple of days.And then,by the light of candles,I sketched just a CD jacket of Natlie Imbruglia.I was born there as real myself or an artist.
my theme of oil paintingView of The World
Warps we have make assemble. That makes filthy world,and change the earth in itself.In the end,it is returning to us.However,we can absolutely live if we have a just tiny light. That is my View of The World.
education of artnothing
place of paintingtiny room like a doggy box
illnessmanic-depressive,Obssesive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)
bookI love Holden Caulfield