why did you change thr3efaces?

my honest answer is could you truly live with all those hang-ups,  they're like a constant clapping noise that you can't stop. So, I needed to reduce the amount of pages the only solution I came up with is to re-organize the page which slashes the title thr3efaces. 

..so why 'take it from here'?

if you haven't purchased justified/justin timberlake yet I encourage you 100%. track number 4 is such a sweet song, I guess the beat could have been better but the lyrics are so sweet... it's what every girl would want, so...why not?

cold heart seems so depressive...its not (dangerous) love...

well of course it is, you're battling your true feelings to gain warmth (wow that kinda sounds smart). not one thing is perfect so why should love be an exception? 

what's up with the "words" (i.e. frozen, break, cheat, enhance, bliss, revoke, soul, and spirit)?

haha you don't like them? well I tried to SOMEHOW match them with the theme...yeah I bet you never thought...haha...so here we go:

frozen: this will be the most easiest one...frozen moments are like photographs right? ::: frozen..cold heart...get it?

break: it was originally breaking like breaking news...ohhh...heh. ::: broken hearts

cheating: cheating would be going with other people, and since your going to other sites (links), eh that didn't work too well

enhance: if you guys are interactive with this page that makes it all the better and enhances it ::: 2 people must join to enhance their relationship

bliss: are the extras which are always wonderful ::: little extra things like roses and candy are blissful to anyone

revoke: I think this is totally wrong cuz I thought this word was a synonym for remembrance to remember you guys cuz your signing my guestbook, oh well...

soul: myself...that's all i have to say

spirit: my works....which is right now....yea

phew, wow that was easy...haha

donna, can you host this webpage?

why, of course you can *big grin* *wink/wink*

where can I send contributions or more questions?

through email or aim

take it: home