Are you stalking me??
Cuz that would be SUPER!
Stuff you probably don't really care to know, but will probably end up asking me anyway for conversation purposes...
Name: Bri (Pronounced BREEEEEEE not BRY!)
Age: 18 (June 14th, 1985)
School: Saint Pete College; Clearwater Campus
Hair/Eye Color: Light brown/Poop Green
Location: Largo, FL (FYI: It's by clearwater)
AIM: soDAMNradical / sensualviolati0n
Yahoo: TakeMe2California
Relationship Status: Single - somewhat by choice
Hobbies/Interests: Anything awesome
Occupation: Old Navy (retail)
Movies: Comedies (Old School!!)
Music: I'm a teenybopper and will say it proudly! But I'll listen to everything.
Songs: Worthy Of - JT, I'll Be - Edwin Mcain, Where you are - Josh Groban, Come on - Ben Jelen, The Best - LMNT, Craving - O-Town, Inside of Love - Nada Surf, Drunk Girl - Something Corporate, Bury Me Deep Inside - HIM, When I'm With You - Simple Plan, Walk Away - Christina Aguilera, Bitch - Stephen Lynch, Big Fat Friend - Stephen Lynch
Artists: JT, HIM, Ben Jelen, Josh Groban, Stephen Lynch, Ashley Angel, Britney, Christina
Sport: College Football GO GATORS!!!
Books: Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Choke - Chuck Pala ...
Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell & Kate Hudson
Food: Wraps! I love food!
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