Hopeful Dreamer

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Hopeful Dreamer. This site is dedicated to Digimon 02's one and only..Takeru Takaishi! He is my favorite character. I don't really like him in Digimon 01, but in 02, he was really cool. I'm really not a Hikeru/Takari fan, but I just put a small section on here. I hope this site is going to be worth it. Or if I was just wasting my time. We shall see in the near future! Takeru is just so darn adorable, that I had to make a site for him. I started this site a looooooong time ago, but I never got to finish. I was on a roll with it, but then I lost interest in Digimon. I started to like Cardcaptor Sakura even more then Digimon. So now, I'm back, and you know what that means!! Mwahahahaha!!


I do NOT own Takeru!(neither does Hikari!!*snicker*) He belongs to his respective owners. About Takeru Takaishi About His Brother,Matt A Gallery Of Takeru A Little About His Digimon A List Of His 'Wonderful' Friends A 'little' Bit Of Takari Info Extra Stuff Go To The Main Page 1