Allie's Bootleg Trading Page

Hi there and welcome to Allie's Bootleg Trading Page.

I don't have a lot...but I am hoping to fix that soon.

I am mainly interested in The Tea Party and A Perfect Circle Boots.

I trade for CDRs mainly...but if you have something else, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

So i'm pretty much brand new at i'm just following the format of everyone else's trade pages. And what comes next is:


Use good quality CD-Rs. I generally use Maxells.
Send the cases, please, unless you REALLY don't want to. I would rather have my cds protected and pay the extra postage.
Keep the labels and stuff blank, but include all information with setlist if possible on a separate sheet.
Record in DAO mode please!!!

And here's the important part.


The Tea Party

09.02.2000 Milkveg, Amsterdam, Holland 90 minutes (2 disks)
??.??.2000 Buffalo Sessions, Edge 102, Toronto, ON 35 minutes
18.09.1999 Western Fairgrounds, London, ON 90 minutes (2 disks)
15.09.1999 The Warehouse, Toronto, ON 100 minutes (2 disks)
07.10.1999 Enmore Theatre (JJJ) Sydney, Aust. 35 minutes
11.06.1996 Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON 100 minutes (2 disks)
01.08.1994 Ontario Place, Toronto, ON 70 minutes
04.04.1992 Coach and Horses, Windsor, ON 135 minutes (2 disks)

A Perfect Circle

06.04.2000 America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ 55 minutes
05.20.2000 Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA 43 minutes
05.02.2000 Centrum, Worcester, MA 35 minutes
04.28.2000 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON 40 minutes
04.22.2000 Dane County Colliseum, Madison, WI 45 minutes
04.12.2000 CSU Convention Center, Cleveland, OH 45 minutes
04.05.2000 Key Club, West Hollywood, CA 55 minutes
10.22.1999 The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA 48 minutes
10.21.1999 Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA 45 minutes
10.18.1999 Nile Theatre, Mesa, AZ 45 minutes
10.09.1999 Coachella Festival, Indigo, CA 30 minutes


12.12.1995 The Warehouse, Toronto, ON 80 minutes (2 disks)(cover art)

So you interested? Email me with your list and we will talk! : ) (I'm not doing many trades these days. So don't be disappointed if you don't hear back from me...I'm really busy.) 1