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1995 B.A. Kyoto University (History of Philosophy)
1997 M.A. Kyoto University (History of Philosophy)
2000 M. Litt. University of St. Andrews (Philosophy)
2003 D. Litt. Kyoto University (History of Philosophy)
2008 Ph.D. Saint Louis University (Philosophy)

[Teaching/Proferssional Experiences/Awards]
1997-1999 A Doctoral fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2000-2001 Rotary Ambasadorial Scholarship (funded by Rotary Foundation)
2002-2004 Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Research Assisstantship
2004-2005 Dissertation Fellowship (funded by Saint Louis University)
2005-2008 A Postdoctoral fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2005- Part-time lecturer at Ritsumei-kan University
2006- Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University
2006- Part-time lecturer at Kyoto Municipal College of Nursing
2006-2008 An assistant editor of Studies of Medieval Thoughts

[Research Interests]
Boethius, Thomas Aquinas
Aristotelianism in Late Antiquity and in the Middle Ages
Ethical/Virtue Theories in Contemporary Philosophy

"Virtue and Knowledge according to Thomas Aquinas" in Review of Metaphysics 58 (2004).
"Boethius on Language, Mind, and Reality: A Study of Boethius Commentary on Peri hermeneias" Ph.D. dissertation, Saint Louis University (UMI=AA 3324224)
and several articles on Medieval Philosophy (mainly Aquinas and Boethius) in Japanese.

[Current Research Projects]
1. Revising and expanding my dissertation at Saint Louis University for publication.
The title of the work is Boethius on Mind, Grammar and Logic: A Study of Boethius' commentaries on Peri hermeneias .
The main content of the work:
Chapter 1: What do Spoken Words Signify?
Chapter 2: From Symbolon and Semeion to Nota
Chapter 3: Three Types of Speech
Chapter 4: Nouns, Verbs and Conjunctions
Chapter 5: The Unity of Propositions
Chapter 6: The Verb 'To Be'

2. A Japanese article for a collection of essays on 14th century epistemology.

3. An Japanese article on the philosophy of language in the middle ages (from Augustine, Boethius up to Thomas Aquinas).

[E-mail address] sutot@sj9.so-net.ne.jp
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