Welcome to my homepage! I'm Tala al-Hooriya, devotee of Middle Eastern dance (mka belly dance) and all things Islamic or medieval! I play in the Society for Creative Anachronism under the more historically accurate (and less language-mixed) name Fatima bint Rashid ibn Zahir al-Buthayna, or as Berengaria de Montbéliard when not in Ghawazee/Beduin garb.

I have danced in quite a number of locations, from Utah to Virginia to Jordan. I taught belly dance for several years but am no longer actively teaching as I am in graduate school, and I am now a mom - I had identical twins in September 2004.

My page is in progress of being updated, since I had done the previous page around 2000, it was quite outdated.

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Check out my babies!

Last updated Oct 20, 2005.

This Middle Eastern Dance site owned by Tala al-Hooriya.
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