"Skeleton on the Road"
This has always been one of my favourite pictures. It was just across the road from a cemetery I use to live close to. I've always had this odd fascination with trees that look like souls that have been tormented and frozen. I have this idea that if hell did exist, it would probably be as simple as being reborn as a tree. Damned for hundreds of years to be stuck in one place through extreme heat and extreme cold, having animals and insects eat away at you, rotting away slowly with nothing you can do about it.

"Snow White"
I took a trip to Stratford, Ontario to see A Midsummer Night's Dream and went for a walk afterwards by a nearby lake. It was a strange cloudy, rainy day and I ended up getting a picture of this swan. Something about its paleness made it seem pure.

"Before the Rain Comes"
These are the docks at Couchiching Beach in Orillia, Ontario. I was walking around with a friend while we were looking for a quiet place to sit, and I took this right before we started walking down the dock and right before it started to rain. Is it possible for a day to be both miserable and comforting?

"Walking the Soiled Earth"
Taken the same day, staring down at my friend's feet on the dock. He suggested to me that there was something poetic about it, and I started to think that it was more or less a decent reflection of the world we live in.

"Chaos in the Water"
Shaving cream in the bathtub water. There was just something that I thought looked neat about it. If you've ever seen One Hour Photo you might understand what I mean about remembering the little things in life.

"The Bathtub"
Same idea, just taken a little bit earlier. The significance of freezing images in time...

"Little Tin Man"
Someone gave this to me for next to nothing and I later found out that it's worth at least $150. Very antique and medieval looking.

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