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This webpage contains many of my short stories, the novel in progress, maps, and scanned images of sketches or drawings to be used as introductions to each segment or chapters.
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Matthew R. Searcy
Quantum Leap
My Fanfics & a whole story that was created Round Robin-style-->
The following stories were inspired by the 1st edition of
Advanced Dungeons and Dragonsgame. You will probably note some discrepancies in the original game VS these works. I have changed a few facts to fit my stories.
"The Contest" - Introduces the character of Talanon. He's a graduating monk, and this is his final test. But treachery looms on the horizon as his past comes up to haunt him... a past he thought long gone!
"Balance" - Talanon is now in the land of his father, adventuring. He's surrounded himself with scoundrels, heros and villains, but the line that divides them is thin indeed! His father's legacy is something he can't escape! The young monk finds that part of his heritage mystifying, and is likewise drawn to Jonar's people.

There are several storylines taking place at the same time, and all the involved people find themselves drawn into a world-shaking series of events, one that threatens all of the realms.

If you love sword and sorcery, action, romance, drama, comedy, "buddy-flicks", this story has it all!!!
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Map of Erin-Tal, the major continent where my novel takes place in!!!!
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