A Glimpse Into Me

Cool Links and Stuff About Me:

In my teenage years, i developed an interest in writing. Over the years I've improved on my writing skills, and have won a few awards and even won a scholarship for an essay written on homelessness. The majority of my writing however, was in poetry. Some of which I have posted on this site under the Poetry Section. I have wanted to get back into writing for a while now, but never seem to find the time, or have the will to do so when i do seem to find the time.

I enjoy taking pictures, and would one of these days like to take a photography class. However I am not the type of person to have my picture taken. So I don't have many pictures of myself. Here are some Pics however i haven't posted any that I've taken myself yet, but I will be adding more pics as i get them transferred online.

If you would like to contact me, send me an e-mail at talayka@yahoo.com or at talayka@msn.com. You can also find me on yahoo messenger using the yahoo e-mail address.