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~La Kajira~
Do Y/you wish to learn what it takes to make a relationship between a Master and His slave in a Gorean Lifestyle on Real Time Urth?
if you are a Gorean slave you already know that to enter into my Masters Home one would beg entry, some would ask but they are sent to the learning furs for it is they who question those who are Gorean and those who are unsure what a Gorean Master is about. If you were here, His girl would show you what it means to be a slave and to have a Master, what it is like to answer questions about ones Ko'lar(collar) and what it means to wear one. my Master, i serve and i serve Him in Real Time and i will serve Him in many ways. For He is my Master and i am His Rose.....
"Come in, Enter, and learn"
Masters Homes: Master Jus Gorean Home
MJs Tavern of Roses
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