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(words in 'quotes' are slang picked up from those Aussie's)

'G'day mates' from all over the world! This is my European section to my web page that some of you lived, while some of you had to read through my emails at home to understand what was going on. Well now it's all out in the open, my European trip was a total success and now I am back in Langley going back to school and work again, with a better feeling in me. Thanks adventurers! You people are 'legends'.

The summer of 2001 has been the best time of my life that nothing else can even match. I had the greatest time being away from home. I visited places like Paris, Lyon, Nice, the French Riviera, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Venice, Corfu, Athens, Mykonos (Greece), Vienna, Hopfgarten (Austria), Munich, St. Goar (Germany), Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) and Amsterdam. I would do this again in a heart beat if I had the cash; it is definitely on my list of things to do before I die (another Contiki tour). At least now some needs are satisfied for the time being.

A LITTLE ABOUT THE TRIP, Yes this requires reading:

I left Vancouver, Canada on July 1 at 8pm and arrived in London, England the next day at 1pm. After a long, hot shuttle bus ride to my Hotel (Royal National) I got settled in and was in the London Pub by 7pm. I met the 49 people I would be traveling with for the next 37 days (well those that were at the pub) and had a few beers with some of them. The thing with Contiki is that they are a tour for 18-35 year olds. They drive the same coach(bus) load of people around Europe for the duration of the trip in the same coach, so you really get to know your passengers and your coach. Which is not as bad as you may 'reckon', it's really quite cool. I wouldn't mind being on that bus right now, instead of class and writing essays.

In most cities there were campsites run by Contiki that we stayed in. These cities included Paris, Barcelona, Antibes, Florence, Rome, Corfu, Venice, Hopfgarten, and Lauterbrunnen. Now these aren't campsites like tents in a clearing in the bush, and they sure aren't 'dodgy'. They are small cabins with paved roads, markets, bars/pubs, restaurants and bus/metro service. They were really cool. Contiki also gave us all breakfasts and 'tea' most nights (tea = dinner - that one's tough). Being on the Contiki campsites also gave us a chance to meet up with other Contiki tours on different schedules. Allowing us to meet even more travelers from other parts of the world (even though most people were from Aussie country). The only problem with this was that you didn't have much time to really talk to people, as they would be gone the next day. If we didn't stay in these campsites we stayed in Hotels in the city, which were usually better quality, but there were exceptions.

The following pictures are just a taste of what happened on this tour. I have 'adeen' (18) rolls of film and some 450+ pictures , and obviously they are not all here, if you are ever near me I can show you them all.

Okay enough chit chat, lets get to the goods! Grab your 'togs' and let's get wet.

Our route - A map of my run through Europe. In full colour too!!


Me on the Eiffel Tower - Looking out over Paris.

Eiffel Tower - In a great light.

Palace of Versailles backyard - Vast property that only kings could afford.

Paris from Tower's top - A view of Paris from, you guessed it, the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Contiki Chateau - One of the Contiki hotels, shelters if you will. Definitely the nicest looking.

Picnic in Vineyards - On top of a hill in France, at a picnic for you and 50 of your closest friends.

Pont du Gard - Roman Aquaducts.


John, Claudio, Dave and Dave - In Barcelona, on a ledge, with the city in behind

Doing a little dance - A little sangria can have strange effects on you....

Nice beach - What's better than a topless beach in France? Well it sure isn't naked guys.


Sistine Chapel ceiling - A hairy guy and a naked guy touch fingers. You're right, I don't appreciate art enough.

Trevi fountain - Gotta love Rome.

The Coliseum - Home of extinct gladiator battles.

Pompeii body - Recovered body from the ashes of Pompeii..


Toga party - The bed sheet party at the Frini hotel, with our good buddy Al Co Hall.

Paradise Beach - The party beach that mixed 2 of humans' greatest loves: booze and shakin your booty.

Mykonos cafe - Me on the coast in a postcard image of a fabulous Greek island.


Gondolas in Venice - Typical tourist...on a gondola in Venice.


Shonnbrunn Palace - Melissa, myself and Nicole around the left side of the Palace.

Mathausen - An old German concentration camp, now a museum and memorial.

Hopfgarten city - A quiet, small European town. Beautiful.


Lucerne - The famous shot of Lucerne with the Chapel bridge, but this time with people I know.

Lauterbrunnen - The small country town where we stayed. Good times...

View from Jungfrau - Snowy valleys from the observatory Jungfraujoch.


Amsterdam city life - Canals, canals, and more bikes. A great low city.

Wooden shoes - Looking for a 'foot path'

Us Canadians - and me with the dopey look on my face. I hate photos of me.

Group in last Chance Bar - Last night on tour, so we celebrated by drinking and taking photos, not unlike every other night.


Big Ben - and other commonly photographed places in London. Well there is just one here.

Vancouver from the air - Don't want to go home.

Our mark - Carved into a London Pub's table.


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