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  Whats new in #talisay

Finally the homepage for #talisay is now online. Although more modifications are yet to be made, the author has decided to get it online so that comments and suggestions will be made.

The page needs write ups, jokes, topics of interests that shall be posted in the page sometime soon. We are looking forward for your unending support. Please don't hesitate to give us your comments and suggestions for the advancement of the page.

Email us at talisaycity@philippines.to
  Historical Notes

Talisay was formerly an estate of the Augustinians in 1648. The town had no church of its own and they had to go to San Nicolas for baptisms, weddings and burial rites. It became separated from San Nicolas by virtue of Royal Decree of August 16, 1856.

Two versions are given on why Talisay is so-named. One is that it is named after Magtalisay,
a kind of tree which used to be in abundance in the area. Another is that it was named after a town in Spain.

During the Spanish Revolution, three sons of Talisay were generals in the revolutionary forces. Two brothers today also became generals: AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Lisandro Abadia and
PAF Commanding Officer Loven Abadia.
The first general of this era is from Talisay , Ge. Isagani V. Ocampo.

March 26, 1945 is a day to remember not only by the residents of Talisay, but also by the entire Cebuanos. It was on this day when American Division, US Army landed in Talisay to begin the liberation of Cebu from the invaders - exactly 2 years, eleven months and sixteen days after the Japanse landed on precisely the same spot on April 10, 1942.

Reprinted from the book:
Cebu In Legend and History By: Lavilles de Paula
The "Keyboard   Cowboys" as they all   say. The regulars on   channel #talisay.    
  First timers, newbies   and those who have
  just become addicts of   mIRC !!

Laughter is the Best   Medicine. Start ur day   right!! Give it a smile!
  Talisay as a channel

Channel #talisay was created last March 24th, 2000. Thru the wide efforts of bLaKhAvEn, gibson` , `mckoi ,KiGoLsKi and XexguY. Five Corners of our game! There were but a few chatters in the channel until now, but lately, several people has come to mingle with the crowd.

It's really flattering to see those guys smile in front of their monitors. It's fun to stare at those lovely colored text that brought a smile on their faces. While in the chatroom, you would have these weired thoughts that would definitely make u laugh a bit. Those nicks yelling, some are fighting (not much to our dismay), and some would look like sitting ducks, waiting for the eggs to crack! LOL It's truely an amazing past time for those people who spent most of their time on the net. A kaleidoscope world of fun and excitement, yet a better way of making new friends without the hassles of leaving your doorsteps. Come and chat with us, enjoy your stay at #talisay. To the people behind, Thanks! KUDOS

Special Thanks

For those of u who ever wondered who those guys on top are, namely Specie and sTrIkEr, they are the BOTS on #talisay. Specie was created and owned by the great and egghead Master tKC of #cagayandeoro channel, and sTrIkEr by the ever famous `flar of #tenderfoot channel. Still from the City of Friendship - CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY. They sit on the channel for almost 24 hours, basically for channel protection. Thanks to tKC and `flar, u guys did great :)

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