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About Us 中心簡介

TALKING POINT offers high quality language learning courses to all ages.

Learning languages at Talking Point is fun because interactive teaching methods and interesting games are deployed. Students are more motivated to learn in a relaxed environment. Class sizes are small (4-6 students). Hence, students can benefit from close attention and immediate support from their teacher. All teachers are native speaking professionals with English teaching qualification and experienced.

TALKING POINT 為各種年齡人士提供高質素之語言學習課程。

TALKING POINT的教學宗旨,因我們採用互動教學法及有趣的遊戲,讓學生於輕鬆的環境下更享受學習。為確保導師對每一個學生都能充分照顧,特設小組(46)學習。並且,所有導師均為母語人士,持有國際認可的教授語言証書及擁有豐富的教學經驗。

Our Courses 課程
Theme topic based, students can enroll at anytime! (e.g. greeting, ordering food in restaurant, shopping, food & drinks, weather & clothes, countries & customs … )
English courses focus on the 4 language acquisition skills of - LISTENING, SPEAKING WRITING and READING
  Other language courses such as Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
  Examination preparation courses like Cambridge YLE, KET…CPE, Trinity, etc
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