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Wild Ideas (pie in the sky?)

1)  Music to walk past. Disney does it, Univeral Studios does it.  When you walk past rocks along walkways in theme parks, inspiring music keeps you "energized" -- so why not feature new artists and pump local artists' music to offset the sounds of the city?

2)  Poetry sidewalks. Some airports in Europe offer passersby poetry and quotations on digital boards.  The future of Fort Lauderdale could have digital or LED display panels for pedestrians to read.  Speakers along sidewalks could offer poetry recitations.

3)  Monument walks -  In some European cities, markers in the side walk suggest where pedestrians can walk.  Why not connect Las Olas to Riverfront and the Beach with a "monument walk" or "Historical Art Walk"? 

4)  "Whistory" markers:
Plaques ("web spots") that give web addresses for "more history" on web sites... WebHISTORY = Whistory.
For example, the Kinney Tunnel could have a "Yellow Button" with a logo that indicates "more information on this web site."

5)  Teaching moments
What can the art, architecture and sidewalks provide to teach youngsters about history?  Plaques in sidewalks with changing info, perhaps every 15 seconds.

Geography in sidewalks

Science in the MODS Plaza

6)  More art in public places (see the examples of Naples and Delray Beach)

7)  Sunpass for People
This is an idea that was seen in the 1983 movie Bladerunner -- a pen carries your "credits" and computers scan the pen wherever you buy something.  Mobil has SpeedPass -- you wave a wand and your credit card is charged.  How about Sunpass for People(This name was created by Bob Finch at bob@finch.org). You walk into a room for a morning meeting and you are charged $5 for breakfast.  The non-profit organization doesn't have to beg for contributions (and the coffee is good).  Read more about it.

8) Protection for Pedestrians
Protection from sun and protection from RAIN.  Canopies for Customers,
Awnings for Amblers,

Pergolas for People

9)  Put something new in the sidewalks. Along RIVERWALK, why not have a glass block in the side walk with water draining under the walk.  Perhaps a closed pond could be created and pedestrians could be walking over an under-sidewalk pond... At the TUNNEL, why not drill down and put a SKYLIGHT into the tunnel's roof, so that pedestrians can look down at passing cars.

10) Put something interesting on walls. As pedestrians, we are "pulled along" to look at interesting art and things that change.  See points 1-2-3-4 above.

11)  Put a large statue on Las Olas.  How about inviting the artist who created the Statue of WOrld Peace to put his statue in Fort Lauderdale?  Maybe in a square created in NE Fort Lauderdale around 3rd Avenue and NE 4th Street?

Film Festival 

Renaissance Festival

Think tanks
Discussion Groups

Center for Creating
the Future
Sunday Salon

"We don't need setbacks."
"Setbacks set back our city."
"We need "at-grade" retail."

Click here to see "Conversations that block progress."

Art Museum of Fort Lauderdale
Museum of Discovery

Fort Lauderdale Historical Society www.flhsphotos.org

Studies, Planning, etc.
UDATS - a transportation study that included a proposal for a shuttle parallel to Broward Blvd.  Parking could be near I-95 and a shuttle bus running east on NW 2nd Street would get around traffic jams on Broward Blvd.

Cultural Affairs Studya study completed in 2001 and printed on 11" x 17" paper in color proposed adding graphics and information to ordinary road signs.  Worth considering.

The Future of Parkingby Center for Creating the Future, offered keys points to guide the provision of parking in Broward Parking.

The H/ARTWalk 
Art, History and Architecture connected by a pedestrian walkways.  Paths can be marked with small signs viewable by pedestrians.  Signs could be made interesting enough to encourage drivers to park and walk over to find out what the signs are pointing at.

What are the highpoints of a walking tour?  Here are some suggestions...
Send your recommendations.

Tony Abbate
Work by Abbate's students:  they designed a proposed Plaza del Sol in the current space near the Stranahan House

(proposed web site, awaiting web space)

More plaques (like the one below)  are needed to remind pedestrians of the city's heritage and potential for the future.

Friendly streets

Streets in Bogota

Microcentro in Buenos Aires
The future of a city rests on a number of forces.  One force for integrating new ideas is education.

Discussion Groups

Center for Creating the Future
LAST Thursday of each month at 201 E. Davie Blvd, SE 12 St 7-8:30 pm
MEETS 12-2 pm at MANGOS,
900 East Las Olas Blvd., most Sundays, call 954 646 8246 or
check here


Charter School of Excellence


Broward Public School

Fort Lauderdale High Schoo

Virginia Young Schoo

Innovative Educators

Visual Teaching

Textbooks on CD

Math is Visual (for Artists

Math With Playing Cards

What if
thousands of non- teachers taught for one or two years in the public schools?

VISIT >> aha! art walk      Click for larger view
From an advertisement Feb. 16, 2003


Parking Studies

Yes, this photo was taken in a mirror.  What is the name of the tunnel? 

Who was Mr. Kinney?

Why is his name on the tunnel? 

Someone was grateful for his contribution towards the tunnel's construction.  What did Mr. K do?


Suggested location of the "Web Spot" on the Tunnel:  www.flhsphotos.org
ftlhistory.com  << suggested Web Spot sign
Our city needs retail shops and art galleries along Riverwalk. Why?  Click here to find out more
What will the Future of Downtown Fort Lauderdale include?

Lots of art, everywhere, and shade from the sun."  S.S., artist and teacher.

"Protection from rain."

Improved signs." -- parking study, March 2003.

Random notes about transportation

What should
students learn?
What should they teach in schools?

What should they teach in schools?

They Should Teach
That In School

What Did You Learn In School?


International Red Cross
Very good!  You noticed that the tunnel photo is reversed!  It was taken in the rear view mirror... 

So, you thought it was a tunnel in England?
“What Did You Learn in School?”
What Should Schools Teach?
What Should Teachers Teach?
What Should Students Learn?

Teacher Quality
Discussion Group

"Walkable Fort Lauderdale"
Meet at MANGOS
of the month
Photo of a "speaker rock" is needed here
<<< who is that?  Or who was that?  What's wrong with this photo?
<<< Nothing much to see...yet...
List of organizations that are associated with Fort Lauderdale's down town...

How does
FLAUSA.com see Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale Historical Society

Enclave of historical houses dating back to the early 1900’s known as Old Fort Lauderdale. The Old Fort Lauderdale Museum of History and King Cromartie House showcase the Society’s permanent collections and changing exhibitions reflecting the history and heritage of the Fort Lauderdale community.  219 SW 2 Street    (954) 463- 4431

Quality reproductions of these historic photographs are available for purchase at reasonable prices. Proceeds from the sale of photographs supports the programs and activities of the Historical Society.
CLICK HERE for photos  www.flhsphotos.org

Consider attending the NEXT DISCUSSION ON LAS OLAS  "Sunday Salon"  (an informal discussion group)


What makes a street FRIENDLY?

Pergolas for people

Other cities have friendly streets:

Streets in HAVANA

Streets in EUROPE

Streets in BOGOTA


Sunday Salon (Discussion Group)

Setbacks are for Suburbs (we want shops)


Walkable NEWS (a newsletter)
Pedestrians in search of Arts Shopping and Other Distractions  (ASOD)...  We, the founders of PisoASOD, are pedestrians and we hope people reading this web page will agree that walking along streets in a city could be more interesting.  Please look at the BLUE STRIPE on the INDEX page (THIS PAGE) of this web site and read some of the suggestions for making a walk more interesting...

Pedestrians in search of Arts, Shopping and Other Districtions (PisoASOD) could have shade and protection from rain at every corner of Downtown Fort Lauderdale... what do you think?
Who will design a Pergola for Street Corners?

Walkable News (an online version of the articles about Walkable Fort Lauderdale)
Tip about Privacy...
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Visit a web site for students  
www.HACCesol.tk     Get a FREE DOMAIN at www.dot.tk (Thanks, Maysam!)

SAMPLE of McCrea's Web Site construction

Interesting sites
Soft Power and Building International Bridges By Internet  BIBBI
Prof. Joseph Nye describes soft power as the ability to persuade opponents that there is something attractive and positive in your culture...  Hard Power contained the Soviet expansion, but soft power helped to erode the country from within.

Nye suggests that the next stage in the Afghan and Iraq campaigns should be creating 1000 schools equipped with computers and TVs and DVD programming. 

What else is needed?  (click here)

NYTIMES   Routinized Learning and Guided Discovery   a paper by Andrea Gopnik
UC Berkeley Psychology Dept.

See The City Web site about the Master Plan
QUESTIONS     Walkable Fort Lauderdale -
Report about the Master Plan (Nov. 2002)
Click here to see VISION BROWARD      
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