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Welcome to my homepage. Firstly,....there is no nude on my webpage. In here are my collections of my favourite celebrities, they include boybands, music bands, hollywood actors, and my favourite japanese comic book. These people (and characters) are what I think are doing really great in the entertainment industries, I feel that they really deserve to be featured on my homepage (although it's not very great though...) My collections includes a brief profile of them, some pictures, some sound files and links to other great sites. The pictures here are quite large, so you MAY have to wait a while for them to load. But they are really good ones, I took a very loooong time to search for them. Well, if you're all ready to start, select on the chioces in the menu section.

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Notice:There is also a section on myself, well it is not really about myself, but also my friends. However, there isn't exactly much pictures in there, so if you are a Van Gogh member (in YJC), please please pleasssseee send me scanned photos of your-beautiful-selves to me, my email is at the bottom of this page. If you are not one, but still someone I know... please send one too. don't be shy! Don't you want to be recognised on the web?
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