Georgie's Julip Horses
After many years of collecting, I've now managed to track down all Julip's Horse of the Year models, you can see them below. For more detailed individual pictures of each Horse of the Year set, see the Hall Of Fame gallery page.
My Lookalikes
... browse through my gallery of Horse Of The Year julips past and present! This page is ideal for identifying older Julips as I have one of every HOTY ever made till 2007.
The Tackroom
The Julip Riders
History of Horse of the Year
HOTY Gallery
...exactly what the title says, here you can learn the history of Julip's Horse of the Year range
welcome to my website!
...other Model Horse related websites, forums and Julip pages made by my friends, plus sites about the real Bob the Cob & Ted special 'lookalike' Julip Originals page, also featuring all the real horses who inspired the models
...a selection of my home-made tack
This page is dedicated to Gem, Bonnie, Princess, Big Connie, and Goldie...much loved, greatly missed, well remembered.
My 'Horse of the Year' Collection
Left, front to back : Jigsaw, Topaz, Mulligan,
centre : Freddie, Goldie,
right : Midnight, Toffee, Black Velvet.
Front row : Ted the Clydesdale, Bedsocks, Banner,
back row : Mousie, Bob the Cob, Tornado, Silver Moon
Front row : Golly, Moondance, Conker,
back row : Harlequin, Dandelion, Sundance
... here you can find a photo gallery of my julip riders
Vintage Originals
...old Julip Originals, from the 1950's onwards
The original Horse of the Year models. Before the named HOTY's, there were these earlier versions (not all are pictured here). here to visit my new improved online forum
(approved members only)
Back row : Bay Beauty, Silver Cloud, Nutmeg,
front row : Pandora, Puzzle, Cobweb, Starlight
Other Brand Models
...I don't just collect Julips, here you can meet my Felties, Breyers, Magpies, and Peter Stone horses.
Guestbook Archive 1 (oldest entries)
Guestbook Archive 2 (more old entries)
Prince on Tour
...Prince has been all over the place, see his photo album here.
This website was started in September 2003
What is this symbol?
My model horse yard goes by the name of Harecroft Farm, and this is the logo I've made. Lots of my horses have 'Harecroft' as the prefix to their names.
My 'Julip Originals' Collection
My herd of Julip Originals is a mixture of 'lookalike' models which I've had made specially, one-off's bought new direct from Julip or other collectors, catalogue models, and vintage horses. Definitely my favourite part of my collection!
To see all my originals, use the links on the right to view the pages, I've got them split into Lookalikes, Vintage, and Specials & New.
The Restoration of Bernard Black
...See how I mended a very poorly julip Fell pony
lots more horses
and more!
Specials & New Julips
...One-off Originals made specially for me, second-hand but 'nearly new' Originals, and models from the catalogue.
HOTY Customs
...Horse of the Year models I've customised
(including portrait customs of horses I know)
Hello, and welcome to my Julip page!
My name is Georgie and I've been collecting these wonderful model horses since 1997. Current total - 180.
Not pictured :
Cloudy, Black Diamond and Montana.
bonnie, merlin, sheba, isambard, princess, crombie, tamburlaine, ichabod, smartie
Guestbook Archive 3 (even more old entries)
Vintage Originals - Page 2
sovereign, george, baltizar, mighty mouse, merlen teg, gabriel oak
rum truffle, hermes, kitty, miranda, blackbird, sparky
Pictured above are some of my customised Horse of the Year models, which have been repainted. You can see them in detail on the HOTY CM page.
summersong, autumn, widget, prince, bramble, teasel, hopscotch and mishka
Vintage Originals - Page 3
...more old Julip Originals
...and even MORE old Julip Originals
Specials & New Julips - Page 2
...more new and nearly-new Julip originals
temporarily removed for updating
khalife, gallileo, calypso, chestnut, silver cloud, barley, goldie, bertie
Georgie's Julip Forum
peaches, bellamiro, sunshine, elwyn, valencia, ginger, steel riot, broccoli
...all the pages of the site laid out for easy clicking
(includes a list of which horse is on which page for the originals, if you want to look for one in particular)
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The Animals well as equines, Julip make smaller animals like dogs and cats - meet mine here
Julips on Youtube here to see a video of my Julip Originals uploaded to Youtube (put your speakers on!)
(Please note the video won't be updated each time I get a new horse, so recent arrivals will be missing)
Specials & New Julips - Page 3
...even more brand new and nearly-new originals
tango, gerry, persimmon, strawberry, tia, tim, branwen, blueberry, shadow
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Specials & New Julips - Page 4
...the most recent new and nearly-new Julip Originals
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