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Half mile track that we race at on Saturday Nights. Click here to visit their website.                   

Welcome to Talley Racing's Web Site.

Quarter mile track in Barre, VT. "The Nations Site of Excitement". Races held on Thursday nights. Click here to visit their website.      Next Race: Saturday, June 15th, 2002


 Race Time - 7:00 pm @ Airborne Raceway (Directions)

June 8th Results: 16th

Primary 2002 Season Goal: Acquire First Career Feature Win

Who we are: Talley Racing is owned by driver Bruce Talley of Milton, VT. He drives

the NAPA Flying Tiger at Airborne International Raceway in Plattsburgh, NY.


Please take time visit our Sponsors page, without our sponsors we 

wouldn't be able to race!!!


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Talley Racing would like to welcome Control Technologies to our team for the 2002 season

and hopefully for many seasons to come. As a team we will try our best to represent your business

throughout the season on and off from the race track. We thank you for your sponsorship. 


The paint scheme for this years car has now been decided due to the recent joining of 

Control Technologies. The Control Technologies logo will be on the hood and the colors of the outside of

the car will be silver and blue. The chassis is already red, therefore completing the 3 color combination

that Control Technologies use. 


We would like to thank APT Environmental Inc., for recently joining the Talley Racing Team for

the 2002 racing season. APT Environmental's  sponsorship is located on the bottom skirts. Their recent 

joining of the team allows us to feel comfortable knowing that we will be able to easily make it 

financially to the end of this years racing season. Thank You. 


If your business is interested in being a part of our team please feel free to contact us. If you

are still questioning if you want to sponsor a race car, please go to our sponsors page. There you

will find useful information, like the benefits of sponsorship, and possible sponsorship locations

on the car. Once you are part of our team, we will be more than glad to place your business logo,

write up, and a link to your web page on our sponsors page.



May 11th

We had a decent weekend. The car ran nice with good pull on the straights. Seemed to have a good

push and looseness at the same time. Dave fixed this by adjusting the sway-bar and adding cross. A mid

practice spring change really honed the car into the track. We started in the back during the feature because

we missed the last 3 races of the last season. The car was a bit loose throughout the race, but Bruce drove

it well. He dodged a couple of spins early in the race which brought him up in the field little at a time. At one

caution Bruce was sitting in 11th. Slowly the car became looser as the race continued and Bruce lost power 

steering. With two laps to go the car lost a good share of power. We found out later that the alternator 

went bad. Bruce finished the race with a respectable 14th. The car is in great body condition, and we 

are all happy about the performance of the car for this early in the season. 


April 27th & 28th

Saturday's schedule consisted of a car show at Consumer Square in Plattsburgh, followed by practice

at Airborne. Sunday was supposed to be the opening race, including the Remington Shootout for the 

late models. The car show went well, we will find out in two weeks how we placed. The practice went 

really well. We are struggling to find the right setup to run this year. We turned in a couple of 19.8's, which

is a decent time. We believe that we can turn more consistent faster times when the bobble in the engine is 

fixed. Sunday's race was cancelled ahead of time. With a 90 percent chance of rain, it was a good call.


April 20th

The first practice at Airborne was today. After much consideration we decided not too attend. We 

feel that we owe too much to our sponsors to damage the car before allowing them to have the 

opportunity to show the car, or for us to take pictures of the it. We were able to get a lot done, 

including scaling the car and taking pictures. We are all excited to show the car at next weeks

car show and then run the car at the practice. We hope to see you all there on Sundays race.  


April 6th

Mark Bunnell of Mark's Auto Repair painted the Oldsmobile Cutlass on Saturday. After weeks of 

preparation the car body is finished. Graphics will be applied by Saturday thanks to our sponsor

Crystal Graffix. A little work is being done to the transmission in rear end as precautionary 

maintenance. The first practice is April 20th, we have all intentions to be there. 


March 30th

No pictures are available for this weekend, but maybe during the week. The body work is complete

on the car. A few small items are left to be done before the car is painted. Mark Bunnell of Mark's Auto

Repair will be painting the remainder of the car. Much time has been spent on deciding how the paint

scheme will look this year. Through careful thought and consideration, we believe we have an idea for 

a good looking car.


March 23rd & 24th

No pictures are available for this weekend, but progress still continues. Body work has been started

and is just about finished. All of the mechanical work is done inside the car in anticipation for the body. 

The body should be completed soon and painting is just around the corner.


March 9th & 10th

Recent updates from the Talley garage. Pictures of progress on this years car are now posted 

on the Photos page. The engine was fired up for the first time since last year. After installing the electrical

on the new car and some troubleshooting it fired up. Almost all the mechanical work inside the car is 

done. The body is the next major project on the list. Current ideas of a body style or using an 

old Chevrolet Celebrity that was given to us. The front fenders of the car are rusted pretty good, not 

sure if we will be able to use them. The car is coming along rather nicely. The first race is stepping 

on our heels but we will be ready. 


February 21st

The Talley Racing crew is currently in the overdrive mode to get the car together and race ready. Since

the arrival of the car in January, we have been making the best of our time when we get it. Bruce and Dave

are able to work on the car after work, while Ryan can only work on the weekend because of college.

As of now, February 21, 2002, the chassis has been prepared, and painted by Mark Bunnell of

Mark's Auto Repair in Milton, Vermont. Old parts have been sanded down and prepped to be

repainted and put back on the car.