Diana's Patton Trade Page
Hi, welcome to my page! I made this
page with the sole purpose of getting
in contact with people who want to
trade, well pretty much. I'm a newbie
at trading, so please don't hesitate
to email me!
My email is: sunday_girl13@hotmail.com
Please read my disclaimer.
First of all, let me just say: I don't really
like rules. Whenever you go to a trade page, the first thing you see is usually a set of rules. I don't know about anybody else, but when someone has 42987349723 rules, and is so fucking picky, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have a couple
general rules, and the rest are just
preferences, not things I'll have a stroke
over. Okay here goes:
1.) My main rule is: Don't screw me over!
Seems simple enough doesn't it?
2.) If you contact me, send first, and vice
versa. I've seen that on every page, so I'm
guessing you have also.
3.) No 2 second gaps. Personally, it's not
a big deal, but for everyone else
I've been in contact with, it is. Therefore,
don't gimme 2 second gaps. If there are some, just let me know ahead of time. Oh yeah, and please have the
courtesty to tell me about major problems,etc.

Everything else is pretty common sense
if you are a trader. Use good brands, try to send 'em out pretty quick, yadda yadda yadda.
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About Me
Good Traders
Okay, click on the band you want, to see what shows of theirs I have. By the way, I trade three cds for one video because I think that's more fair. The shipping and cost of three cds is more equal than two. Thanks ;)
Faith No More
Other bands
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6/12/03 - Mr.Bungle video, new Tomahawk video (1st generation)
4/19/03 - 3 Flaming Lips shows (cd-rs)
4/14/03 - Radiohead show, and Mr.Bungle and FNM videos.

Please, please, please sign my guestbook! A mere two minutes out of your day will make me very happy!
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