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This page was made for those

that know me and for those that don’t.


For those that know me you know that I live in a very small town in central Florida.

We’ve (the community) have gotten together to help the American Cancer Society

with their “Relay for Life”


What is Relay for Life?


Click on the link below and read all the wonderful things that happen during a relay.


I’ve joined for many reasons. Here are a few:


I watched my best friend get diagnosed with cancer.

They took out an eleven pound tumor, the size of a football.

I watched everyday as she lost weight until she was half of her body size.

I worried that she would lose too much and die if the chemo didn’t kill her first.

I watched one of the strongest women I know cry beg me to let her give up and die.

I watched as every strand of hair (except one) on head fell out.

I watched her lose all of her bodily functions.

I watch her cry and hang her head as I bathed and cleaned her up.

I fed her, loved her, and comforted her.

I aggravated her and frankly pissed her off. More then once believe me.

But I never let her give up.

I watched as the days passed until finally she started to grow stronger and stronger.


That was eight years ago.

Thanks to God and the research and development of new technologies to fight cancer she’s still my best friend.


Some more reasons I joined are:


I watched my Dad lose the woman he had been married to and loved for30 years

die a slow painful death. It tore my heart out not being able to help him or her.


My niece has been diagnosed with cancer.

She has a22-month son.

And we don’t know if she will make to see him start school.

We pray she does.


For all the people that have been through this awful thing.


For the hope that maybe someday no one else will.


 I joined to help.


Will you?


The links below give you the opportunity to show you care and to help.

We have enlisted the towns businesses to donate the supplies we need

for the Luminaria ceremony so that all the monies raised can go the

American Cancer Society.


Now all we need is your help.


  Buy a candle for someone you know that has cancer touch their lives.

Just click on the link for the order form. Fill it out.

If you want something extra on the card, write it on the back of the form.

Then simply mail it to me with your donation.

Help us light up the high school football field in honor and remembrance.

Every name on every bag will be read during a special ceremony to honor the

people that fought and won and remember the ones that fought and lost.

If you want to contact me for more information click

on the link for my email address or call me.


Show you care!


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