Welcome to my syte.
My name iz Tammy.
I live in Whitesburg Ky.
Graduate of LCCHS *Class of 2006*

This is me and my lil' cousin Lexi

Of all the little cousins I have, this one I seem to be around a lot more, and we have kept her a lot since she was a little baby and my family and I all love her very very much. She feels like she's my little girl and to me she'll always be my little baby.

Yes, I love Billy very very much. We have been together since August of 2006 and we recently got married April 21st of 2007. I love him and everything about him, though sometimes I feel like I could smack him for the little childish things he does but I guess some people never lose that side of them and I overlook that as much as possible, and at times he seems like a handfull but no matter what I love him for who he is and I hope we'll be together forever.

Our Baby!
Me and Billy have a little girl. She was born February 27,2008. Her name is Jasmine Nicole Guthrie. We love her to death. She has a half brother who lives in Indiana and is 6 years old. His name is Zane Hunter Guthrie

My Car

This is a '93 model Ford Thunderbird LX. It isn't exactly a picture of mine, I found this one on the internet but that's what it looks like.