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Every time you speak badly of others, you only reflect the bad within yourself.
Every time you put blame on others, you only reflect the coward within yourself.
Every judgment you place towards another, is your own judgment upon yourself.
Every person you claim to be ugly, you then show your own ugliness within yourself.

To be secure; you must first face your own insecurities.
To be strong, you must first own up to your own responsibilities.
To be confidant, you must first face your own bad character and struggles.
To be beautiful, is to not place judgment upon others.

For I need never to lye to my child, blame another for my mistakes and bad doing,
insult nor badmouth someone else in order to make myself look better
and I need not ever look to my child for praise,
for I know that my duty as an adult and for most a parent
is to be responsible and to own up to my own responsibilities.
I need never make my child choose between their loved ones,
for I know my child deserves love from all who surrounds them.

For I am a Beautiful, strong, independent, secure and confidant woman,
and you see, that is why the things you say and do
will never harm me, but will forever harm you!

Poem By: TGAP

To the woman who dumps her problems on her child,
Who lyes to her child without regret,
Who badmouths the loved ones who take care of her child,
To this woman who only brings pain to her child.

Have you NO good dreams of your own to share,
Have you NO good thoughts in your mind to bear,
Have you NO good ideas in your heart to spare,
Or is there No self-esteem left to care?

Poem By: TGAP

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