Tamn's Puppies
     My name is Tamn Harrington, and I am a stay-at-home mom with three children.  My family and I are the proud owners of four beautiful AKC female Cairns.
     We are what the dog world calls "small, hobby breeders".  What that means is we are not a puppymill.  We are a small, family-based business who loves our dogs, and it shows!
     On this page, you will see our puppy parents and their puppies.  Please note, that when looking for your puppy, it's extremely important that you see photos of your puppy's parents and that you learn about their temperaments.  All puppies are cute, but they will grow up to look and even act like their parents.
     Currently, I am expecting two litters.  Both moms, Cricket and Wheatie, have champion bloodlines, and the sire, Dakota, also has champion bloodlines.  Their puppies are due the middle of September, and they will be ready for homes mid November.
     My puppies are AKC registered.  My male puppies can be adopted for $500, and my female puppies can be adopted for $600.  This adoption fee includes full AKC registration.  In addition, I include a written one year health guarantee, and I give signed receipts for puppy deposits and full payment.  I believe in doing everything in writing. 
     I can ship to most major airports for an additional $250-$300 depending on your airline preference.  If you live close, I would be happy to meet you part way, or you are more than welcome to come here to pick up your puppy.   
     We will update pics regularly and describe each puppy's temperament as it emerges.  For more pics or more information, please contact me.
     Thank you for letting us share our Cairns with you.  If you like what you see, you can call me at (918) 366-0967 or e-mail me at tamnspuppies@yahoo.com.  Good luck in  your puppy search!!

Thanks again,

Tamn Harrington

P.S.  (We do not sell to brokers or puppymills.  Thank you.  Also, please forgive me for not having Cricket's, Wheatie's, and Dakota's pictures posted below.  I am in the process of updating my pictures.  Thank you for your patience.)
Robyn--Mom of 7 puppies!! Remy
This is Robyn.  She's smart, playful, gentle, calm tempered, obedient, and very loving.  She loves to play outside with my kids, chase squirrels, or just lounge around on the couch.  She weighs about 14lbs, and we absolutely adore her.
This is Remy at six weeks old.  He's one of Robyn's past puppies.  What a cutie!
This is also one of my past puppies.  His name is Jake.  He is an absolute sweetheart!!  He now lives in Georgia.
This is Portia.  We think she's beautiful.  She's also playful, spirited, fun-loving, obedient, and strong-willed.  She has the trademark terrier personality--a big dog in a little dog's body!!  She weighs about 13lbs.
Past Puppy
This is another one of my past puppies.  She now belongs to a wonderful family in Missouri.
This is Robyn as a puppy.  She was captivated by a toy I was using to help take her picture.  I just love the "terrier" look in her eye!!
Grace and Jake
Grace and Olive
This is my daughter, Grace, clowning around with Jake.  Grace liked to dress him up or treat him like a baby doll.  Jake just liked the attention!!
In this picture, you can see my daughter, Grace, playing outside on our 20 acres with Olive.  Olive now lives in Florida.  Grace still lives here of course.