Nicknames: Whatty (kid nickname cos I said what all the time) and Pikey (international friends cos I talk fast and say a lot of aussie slang - like Brad Pitt in snatch who made no sense!)
Fave TV show: Simpsons and Friends
Fave movie: Star Wars series...and Shrek
Fave actor/actress: Johnny Depp
Fave song: love all music, listen to it all the time when i run, in
the house.... at the moment favourite song is Usher's
Confessions...but my all time favourite is Paul Kelly's Leaps
and Bounds cos it talks about the great MCG!
Fave band: um again hard cos i love at the moment
favourite singers are Usher and R. Kelly but all time favs are
people like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Kelly and groups like
Hoodoo Gurus and Matchbox Twenty
Career Highlight: Sydney Olympics and breaking the two
minute barrier for the first time
Supersticions: really don't have any, not like that, to laid back,
maybe I should get some might help me run faster
Hobbies: dirt bike riding....watching footy all types soccer, AFL, dancing!!
Person you most admire: my Dad cos he did well at sport, his career and is the funniest person i know!! And i love to laugh!!
Fave holiday: well i cant remember I spend so much time in airports travelling that when it comes to holiday time I just want to stay home with my family and friends...but if I had to choose a holiday destination I would choose Florence, Italy...cos I did have an awesome two day holiday there in 2003 and it was soooo much fun!!
Fave food: anything with lots of sugar in it
Fave drink: well I have never in my life been drunk so not alcoholic...I love Nudie juices
Most Embarrasing Moment: starting a race facing backwards and ten metres off the line...the starter didn't realise and blew the gun. My coach still hasnt let me live it down..neither have my fellow athletes that saw it - I spent the first lap laughing and trying to catch up
When did you start running: I started running in primary school when in PE I could beat all the boys...oh and I rocked at kiss chasey
Thanks to Tamsyn for answering these questions we e-mailed her