How To Acquire overseas investors property in Lombok Island Indonesia.

Under Indonesian law foreigners are not allowed to own freehold property title in Indonesia. However non-Indonesians can legally acquire property and enjoy the full rights of property ownership through a number of alternatives summarized as follows:

1. Freehold (Hak Milik)

Enter into a legal agreement with and Indonesian nominee, either and individual or a company, whereby they hold the title to the property. Simultaneously enter into a power of attorney, handing over full rights from the Indonesian nominee to the foreign party.

2. Lease
Make a leasehold agreement investment in the foreigner’s own name, usually for 20-30 years, which is extendable. This method does offer full legal protection to the foreigner during the term of the lease; however, once the lease term has expired the property reverts to the owner unless extended.

3. Corporate ownership
Form a foreign investment company, which can be solely owned by a foreigner, and the title of the property will be in the company name. However, title in this case will last up to 30 years, as companies have to re-apply to the Indonesian Government to extend their license for a further period.

Lombok Global Investment services is available to assist in the above ownership process either by recommendation of nominees or advice in the formulation of ownership agreements to actual closure of the sale. However it is important for Lombok Global Investment services client’s to obtain legal advice at all time in securing a property in Lombok island Indonesia.

Remember, much of Lombok Global Investment services business is built on recommendations from our satisfied clients, we are here to assist in the successful acquisition of your dream property in Lombok Island Indonesia backed by our extensive expertise in the matters.

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