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Introduction. The intention of this page is to give you a very brief ideas and guides about discus keeping and aquascaping your aquarium. I tried to minimize the contents of this topic so as not to duplicate subjects that can be easily retrieved from homepages of other authors that are also offering their knowledges on discus keeping. Included herein are several links that are of importance and invaluable. My advice is that browse through all those links and study how others do it and then consolidate it with what I have offered here. Throw away those that are unnecessary and go with what works for you.
Success in keeping discus is promoted by studying the animal's natural habitat. Where is the fish found? What is the chemistry of the water? What climatic cycles occur there? What makes up the bulk of the fishes' diet? We next must discover tolerable environmental parameters and attempt to approximate those conditions in our home aquariums. Though discus have been kept successfully for decades, technology today helps us to more easily simulate (not duplicate) the natural habitat of the discus. In fact, we can simulate it so closely that the discus will spawn and raise their young with little human intervention.
Discus keeping represents the highest level of the aquarium art and a pinnacle for the freshwater aquarist because discus are among the most expensive aquarium fishes. This is because of the relative rarity of excellent specimens and the difficulties associated with breeding discus. One can often find small, generic discus at relatively moderate prices, but even these poor specimens are more expensive than most other fish in the retailer's tanks. High-quality discus, spawned and raised by one of but a handful of select breeders, are harder to find and are therefore more expensive.
Care problems have been exaggerated to the point that many hobbyists never attempt to keep discus, and many retail stores avoid carrying discus for the same reason. While discus are demanding fish, anyone willing to study and meet their needs will be rewarded with success.

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