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Ken, from Vancouver, Canada, is the singer and guitarist/bassist for Tangent.  He has sang and played in bands since High School, and won several awards and scholarships at the local and national level.  He's performed in top venues in Vancouver and Hong Kong, and also enjoys composing, with several jingles and videos to his credit.

Ken has also devised tutorial materials and MIDI programming techniques for Digitech Vocalist workstations, designed and taught basic keyboard classes at Tom Lee Music and recently played piano for Eason Chan at his last concert at HITEC in December '98.

In addition to playing guitar and bass, Ken also plays piano and drums.

He also plays trumpet, harmonica, and yi wu (all badly).

Ken's Favorite Albums
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
Bare Naked Ladies - Gordon
Jars of Clay - Trail
Indigo Girls - Swamp Ophelia
Spirit of The West - Go Figure
Sarah McLachlan - Solace
Hootie and The Blowfish - "debut" (the first one)
Seal - forgot the name
Counting Crows - August and Everything After

Jazz Favorites
Uzeb - Noisy Nights
Pat Metheny - First Circle
Michael Brecker - Michael Brecker
Holly Cole - Don't Smoke in Bed
Keith Jarrett - Koln Concerts
Bill Evans - Conversation with myself (?)
Any Oscar Peterson

First Compact Disk ever bought:
Simon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits

Most Memorable Rock Concert:
U2 - Joshua Tree Tour ('86?)

Favorite Book:
Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien

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