Hi, welcome to tkk's homepage. Sometimes I feel the need to reflect on my own life, maybe that's what I'm trying to do here since my lifespan is rolling over to the final phase ..... as the beatles sang "Let it be"

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      My fav band 'Beyond' from hong kong      <<<--------  of mee...

hi !  

me -- a ordinary guy from a tiny island called singapore (aka 'a little red dot on the map)......  anyway - it's a fine city (ie. u pay wen u commit an offence - eg. chewing gums; not flushing aft u finish yr biz etc. ha ha !)

my likes

i'm crazy about 'manchester united' & my fav band is 'beyond' from hong kong. i fell in love with china while workin over there - it has a long long history; so rich in culture & there r so many interesting & nice places to see.....

my pig pal & dog frien 

well there r all nuts abt manchester united just like me & their fav  pasttime is mahjong & pub (beerrrrrr) 


galloping into  the the future with vitality & strength

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