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"We've got lift off. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing, and Alice Simpson's lively paintings of NYC dancers look as if they've got it." ABOUT TOWN Time Out/New York


Coco St. Clair, 30

A fashion stylist. Collects Bakelite bracelets. (STATEN ISLAND)




Dan Giacoumo, 48,

Dental technician. Collects stamps. Stand-up comic at night. (NEW JERSEY)


Tiffany Weingarden, 22

Works as a Psychiatric Social Worker. Takes 3 dance classes, five nights a week. Her favorite dance is the Hustle. (BROOKLYN HEIGHTS)




Tom Highbarth, 34

Teaches kindergarten. Interested in Past Lives. (FLUSHING)



Dr. Geraldine Stoner, 40

Performsautopsies in the CoronerŐs Office. Loves to Tango. She has over 50 pairs of dance shoes. (UPPER WEST SIDE)



Martin Bloom, 54

Lives temporarily at the Y. HasnŐt opened his mail in over a year. (ADDRESS UNKNOWN)

Donna Detroit, 34

Goes from one art colony to another, living on grants. She never does any work. Looking for a poet. (EAST VILLAGE)


Antonio (never gives his last name), 60

Works for Bell-Atlantic. Likes to speak to strangers on the phone late at night. (CHELSEA)


Marcia (Marsee-ah) Fair-Foulforth, 56

Works at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Keeps cats and collects blown glass fish (BROOKLYN)



Hernando Castillo, 20

Works as a Speedy Messenger. Dances every weekend at the Latin Quarter, and the Copacabana Always wears orange. (BRONX)

These characters are based on the painted dancers in the unique Artist Book:

A Midsummer Night Swing.

Other books by Alice Simpson include:

Tango, Dirty Dancing, HIP-HOP, Argentine Tango, and

Dance Etiquette, a limited edition contrasts Victorian dance behavior with contemporary dances.


Alice Simpson has just completed her first novel, The Marc Ballroom.

Dancing Past Windows, a short story appears in the current WV Magazine.

Ms. Simpson was nominated for the 1999 Best New American Voices anthology.


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