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Welcome to the only fan site on the Internet dedicated to the gorgeous and talented British actress - Tania Emery best known for her role on THE BILL as DC Kate Spears!

WHAT'S NEW - Site Last Updated - SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY 2008

19th January 2008
-Added 8 Scans from a 2-page spread plus cover of TV Times magazine Jan 2001 issue. Check it out in the Articles section of the Photo Gallery.
-Added 1 new THE BILL Scan to scans gallery. Super Tom Chandler.
-Added transcript of above article to Tania Articles section.
More The Bill scans coming soon.


28th October 2007

-Added 62 screen captures from The Bill episode "Shout".
-Added brand new Tania Emery headshot photo.






12th May 2007
-Tania Emery is performing at the "Comedy Try Out Night" on May 17th at the Kings Head Crouch End in London. Check with venue for tickets. Good luck on the night Tania!
-Added NEW DC Kate Spears Scan to gallery!
-Added 2 NEW DC Spears Articles.
-Added 24 NEW The Bill Scans.

18th December 2006

-Searching on You Tube and I came across the UK and American versions for the video clip to Cher's "One By One". Includes new scenes of Tania. My previous captures were from the Club Remix version. I've added new screen captures from the 2 versions to the Cher "One By One" captures.
-Tania's episodes of "Egypt" screened recently on Australian television. After watching the episodes it seems that the network CUT all but 1 of Tania's scenes. All scenes cut from part 1, and only 1 scene left in part 2.


10th December 2006

-Added 65 screen captures from The Bill episode "Compulsion".


8th December 2006

-I have added 60 screen captures of DC Spears from "The Bill" episode, "Aftershock". These can be found in the screen captures section. More screen captures to come this month!
-Tania is now with the voice over company "Calypso Voices". Checkout her profile and audio reel (note same as download that can be found in my downloads section).


6th December 2006

-AUSTRALIAN TV ALERT - Egypt "Secrets of the Hieroglyphs" airs Sunday 17th December at 7:30pm on Channel 7. Tania plays Rosine Champollion. Screen captures of her appearance can already be found in my screen captures section.


24th October 2006

-The Bill episode captures of DC Kate Spears continue. Today I've added 69 screen captures from The Bill episode "Night Games".


15th October 2006

-Credit and thanks to TheMadCapper who managed to catch Tania in her appearance of the TV series, Doctors from 2003. I've added the 30 screen captures from this episode "Trouble At The Bank" to the screen captures section.


11th October 2006

-I now have a DVD Recorder and will be able to record the DC Kate Spears, The Bill episodes that I have onto DVD disc and provide high quality episode screen captures. Today I've uploaded 67 captures from The Bill episode "Beyond The Call". Check out the Screen Captures section. More episode captures will be added over the weeks to come.
-Added 4 NEW THE BILL Scans to Scans Gallery. Taking the total up to 224 Scans. Scan 221 of DCI Jack Meadows with DI Neil Manson, Scan 222 of PC Yvonne Hemmingway, Scan 223 of DC Terry Perkins, and Scan 224 of DS Ramani De Costa.


7th October 2006

-Added 9 candid photos of Tania Emery attending the film release for "Brothers Of The Head" at the the Raindance Film Festival in London on September 27th 2006. Photos taken from Gettyimages. Thanks to Agnes for the heads up on these photos.
-Added link to the excellent Brothers Of The Head Fansite "Treadaway Brothers".
-Re-structured the Photo Gallery.


1st October 2006

-Added 70 screen captures of Tania in the film "Brothers Of The Head" to the screen captures section. I've viewed this film and it's excellent.
-Official release date of "Brothers Of The Head" onto DVD (American release only) is November 14th. Pre-order from


24th September 2006

-Added NEW Tania credit to Filmography. Tania made a second appearance in a recently screened episode of "Doctors". Playing a different character named Jane Hanley. Episode title is "Conclusions".
-Added link to the Official Simon Rumley website, director of "Strong Language", "Truth Game" and "Club Le Monde".
-Added 6 Candid Photos of Tania on the set of the "Truth Game". These photos come from the website for director Simon Rumley.
-Added 3 NEW "Club Le Monde" photos also taken from the Simon Rumley website.
-Added 18 captures from the Tania interview at the Premiere night of the "Truth Game". See Simon Rumley's website for video.
-Added 8 captures from the Tania interview at the Premiere night of "Club Le Monde". See Simon Rumley's website for video.


9th September 2006

-Many thanks with credit today to Obbo. You've been a great supporter of the site and have helped me out a great deal. It's much appreciated. Obbo has come up with some awesome rare photos, and especially an unknown Tania appearance! So checkout today's updates.
-Added 12 screen captures from the movie "Strong Language". These include captures from the doco feature on the DVD. More to come soon!
-Also an extremely rare and very lucky find by Obbo who spotted Tania in an unknown appearance. Tania is seen only for a couple of seconds in the background of an episode, of the UK show called "One Foot In The Grave". Tania is dressed as a nurse. Still yet to confirm episode title and year but this 'extras' work was before her, The Bill stint. Added those 5 captures to the Picture Gallery.
-Added a "Brothers Of The Head" reviews page to the Tania Articles section. I've added snippets from 8 online reviews of the film that make mention of Tania's role.
-Added 1 NEW DC Kate Spears scan to DC Kate Spears gallery and to the Scans Gallery as scan 216! Also added another 4 The Bill Scans to scans gallery. These include: scan 217 PC Will Fletcher, scan 218 DC Suzie Sim, scan 219 DC Terry Perkins and scan 220 PC Amber Johannsen with Sgt Gina Gold.

1st September 2006

-Tania Emery's IMDB listing has been updated with the addition of a gorgeous brand new agency headshot! Stunning photograph! I've added this photo to my Tania's Headshots/Candid/Scans Gallery.


27th August 2006

-I've added an audio sound byte file, from a scene of "Brothers Of The Head". You can find the download in the Downloads/Audio section.
-"Brothers Of The Head" is listed on as coming to DVD in America.
-Yes I changed the banner and colour scheme again. I know I can't help myself from changing the design and layout almost every month.

6th August 2006

-Added 2 NEW "The Bill" DC Kate Spears photos to Picture Gallery. These 2 photos are from an official promotional postcard of the 2000 'new' cast. This postcard was listed on eBay and I managed to win this amazing photo!
-Finally added some NEW The Bill Scans, added 8 to my Scans gallery. Bringing the total up to 215 Scans. Characters featured include Smithy, June Ackland, Gabriel Kent, Amber Johannsen, Lance Powell and Phil Hunter.
-Updated website layout again, sorry.

29th June 2006

-Added screen captures of Tania in "Brothers Of The Head" movie trailer. Also added "Brothers Of The Head" film poster and 1 official photo.
-You can view the "Brothers Of The Head" movie trailer at You'll need QuickTime 7 to view the trailer.
-Also checkout the official "Brothers Of The Head" website!
-Brothers Of The Head is in cinemas (limited) in America on 28th July and will be released in cinemas (limited) in Australia on 17th August!
-"Egypt" DVD release in Australia has been put on hold. Date unknown.
-Recent rumour that Tania had joined the cast of UK series, Eastenders is believed to be false.

.... MORE Updates


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