Welcome to Tanja's homepage

Welcome to Tanja's homepage

This page appeared first in August 2003, as I wanted to share immediately my experience with SuSE 8.1 Linux on Dell Inspiron 4150, because I had benefited a lot of the writings of the others.

In the meantime, some more content has been added, in somewhat more organised manner :-) Any feedback is wellcome!

About me

Originating from a beautiful country, I am living and working in another beautiful country. I spent also 15 unforgettable months of my life in Japan - I should put many attributes here, but I'm in a hurry now.

I graduated in Electrical Engineering and got my MSc at the University of Belgrade. Then I moved to Lausanne, where I was working for some years in the Power System Lab of the EPFL. After finishing my PhD there, I landed in Amagasaki, with Mitsubishi Electric (no link, as I couldn't find a page in English :-), and then came back to the good, old continent - to Switzerland.

Since 1999, I've been enjoying my work as a principal scientist in ABB Corporate Research in Baden. I'm a working member of Cigre WG C2-01, an expert in IEC WG14, a member of IEEE PES and IEEE Computer Societies, and a professional member of ACM.