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Last updated: 13/09/02
Speedy update on my life: I'm living in London now! It's great! I love it! And one day I'm going to give this website a makeover, but for the meanwhile it will stay somewhat gimpy. But it's a good place to put pictures such as the most recent ones which are here!
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All I do in London is skate, so check out these websites...
SerpentineRoad.com for all the skating gossip

25/08/01 I think the guestbook should be working again somewhat. So sign it, if you haven't. Actually, if you have go ahead and sign it again since the old guestbook went buh-bye. Make me happy! :)

Also, my friend Christine and I made a really cool Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Fairy Tale website as the final project for our Fairy Tale class. So you should go check that out!!

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