Hgeocities.com/tankenodoze1//jimrock_Secret_world.htmlgeocities.com/tankenodoze1_/jimrock_Secret_world.htmldelayedxsJJOKtext/htmlb.HTue, 09 Sep 2003 19:43:29 GMT)Mozilla/4.5 (compatible; HTTrack 3.0x; Windows 98)en, *rJ San Diego South is My hOME... Jimrock Revalations and secrets.. bbh crew

Brose Before Hoes demo video . Jimrocks 5th cd. 345 kb file

Jimrock Secret World Pages right here. I have no idea how you got here but you are deeper within the internet than you will ever get. Download what you want burn what you like.. props top those who deserve props....

To download this video just right click and save target as. it is a wmv file that means it plays on your windows media player. it is a video for my new single from my 5th album....
Brose Before Hoes demo video . Jimrocks 5th cd. 345 kb file

Jimrocks 5th cd song 2

Brose Before Hoes demo video . Jimrocks 5th cd. 345 kb file

.........comments..... I really like my 5th album. I mean It is a breakthrough in my styles. I enjoy releasing the san diego mp3 and wmv files to my fans. MY burner broke so if anyone can make me a dub of my own stuff call me 619-406-3848....

My oh my how the San Diego scene is getting smaller and smaller. There are more smokers than ever but the scene is getting smaller. Why is that.. well the big connects are all collaborating and dealing with eachother..how did these connects make such good friends with eachother.. the peilt heads have made the alliances easy.. I have seen many rise and many fall but I see that the tweek scene will come to an end soon. I thought It would never end but I see something new The seperation of the high shot caller peilt heaqds to a solo scene. How many times have I heard my friends say I want to get out of this game. I want to get out People have made smoking bomb not fun anymore And with more girls than ever on the streets I cannot see why someone would not want to just go out and pimp it. I have found refuge in an asian part of town Filipino land to be exact..

This is a place where I can hide and nobody knows who I am But still not to far from bonita or chula vista.. No matter the drama I seem to be not fazed. As the main shot caller in the South bay I see a battle emerging between me and the Mexicans in Charge,,,,, The battle is the animalistic mind against the spiritual mind.. But how I have been waiting to go against someone for along time. I feel my mind is ready for a head to head battle against the biggest and the best of the criminal underworld. But that war will not come for along time .. The thing is This transitional period San Diego is in IS a very strange and tedious one. Taking its time choosing people one by one who will hold out time after time to become leaders. They said we are the people who will be running the world in the future. Then If I am running things now I should be in line as royalty in 20 years , correct.. Power comes in the respect and props the people give you. Power also comes in how you take it. Do I want power.. No All I want it my life to be fun and interesting, but when everyone is obsessed with gangs and drugs it makes my life lonely. What ever happened to pimping girls or drinking beer and smoking blunts at a party? What people forgot about fucking? Who cares about who is from where or what city you are in.. Just care about that girls ass. Do I miss everyone Yes, I miss everyone one by One and I feel That I have learned all I can learn from these cats In South Sd. I have learned from the best Shot callers In The South Bay. They have taught me many Things, But I have come to a few conclusions Of my own. Sure the person with the most money thinks he has won but In my experience I have noticed that the guy with the finest girl wins. The guy who all the Girls want to get with Is one of the people who have a good life. Sure I am scared to go solo and see what is Out there. But That is Something I have to do. There are no More battles of Guns and Crews in the year 2003. The real battle is the one with the mind. Mind games and Mind wars have taken San Diego by Storm. Everyone is trying to establish themselves and their own identity while Transformers Like myself Dress and Speak In many forms and dialects to fool the others into a false sence of Security. I play more mind games than Hondas Rolling in Ph on Friday Night. Wal Mart has become the big meeting place and looking place even bigger than the mall. I laugh at the type of conversations people bring up now adays. I see people argue for hours over who smoked who out or bla bla bla about music or whatever. Some girls thionk there are so smart but really are dumber than dumber. For along time I felt I was supppost to promote events. But I can do whatever I want. Nobody can tell me what to do. If I dont want to throw parties I dont have to. But I am going to have sex with some fine asian girls in South San Diego for sure. Dont hate me because I am a player./ If you ever heard the song San Pedro By Moddona, well I have been to San Pedro and It is a place I love to be. Aug.25th 6:09 a.m. Ph Area I have no Idea why I woke Up So early. Prob. Because I am not comfortable with what is coming to me. Reality is Something I have never seen and I prob will not accept it . I bought This sprite twist Remix at Plaza Bonita yesterday and It tasted Like shit. I think I will go for a drive today, Alsacia and Woodman Ave keep me happy for some reason. I just love to creep up honey Street. I saw Alec at Lolitas This weekend, He was an Old Friend From Hilltop High 1997, I thought His girlfriend looked really cute. I like those Asian Girls who have that Chula Vista Flava I spent another night Sleeping alone. I hate to be alone, I need to meet someone soon. I need to be with someone that is just me.. I am dependant on others for sure but the moral support of a good girl is priceless. I see the obsession with money decreasing in the South Bay. People are cruising the mall again and hitting the streets. The Streets are popping Again and I love it. Is it another scene? No. It is the convergance of about 7 to 10 scenes into one huge scene. I Thought Sd Was Dead and Not popping but That is not true. Sure the tweek scene is Bigger than Ever but ever Since all 6 party Scenes From the rebels,jocks,Blacks,Asians,Chollo scenes broke up many years ago, I thought That There would be No more parties or masses of People Getting together. I was wrong to say There was a depression in SD. What was going on is Everyone and Every scene Broke up at the same time and got scattered in The same pot. One huge scene is forming slowly with a little bit of everyone inside of it. I know it is hard to believe. I guess this is Something for me to look forward to. I love when Groups of People get together or when Some new circle of People form. Something new to exploit and Manipulate. 10:23 a.m. I have to say This week has been one of the most influential weeks In my Life. Just because I have faced Some of my problems head on. Like seeing Tina At Lolitas, It really gave me some closure, Closure that I needed. I need to move on and meet someone else, But I just was confused, You know how I get over these girls, I break. I REALLLY thought there would not be a life after her. But here I am. It is like I just woke up and 4 years have passed me by. Everything Is Different, People have moved on with their lives. And here I am just picking up the pieces and Starting back where I left off. At least Im not fat I can say thats good. What do I do when I am depressed and Driving the Prelude? 8 in The Morning I started doing laps at the first day of school at southwestern college. I treat Southwestern Like Plaza Bonita. The Only fool bumping cash money get your roll on at 10 In the morning. I saw many things at SWC including some interesting racial changes in the student body. We will talk about that later but I have to say cruising SWC really cheered me up. I saw a lot of cute girls. Now all I need is the balls to walk up to one and talk to her.. Im tired of waiting for a girl, I am on the hunt and I feel sorry for the girl who falls for me because she is going to get fucked (literally) . The South Bay is Changing and SWC is a prime example of that. I feel sad That I was wooped over some girl for so long. I want to cry but I wont. I mean I am doing well now and I hope things pick up for me. I just cannot live this life alone, I need to be with someone and I am not afraid to admit that. I need to hold someone and I am not scared to say that. There is less hate inside of me, I am more at peace with myself and the world, But the animalistic Hunter in me is there and I keep hearing things about crazy ass Mothafuckas who kill people bla bla bla, I guess These people have never heard of me. Small Minded People out there, sure everyone has Their own breaking Point but who Moves in Stealth with calculated moves As fast as the wind,,,,, Jimrock. I pick Girls out like a Modeling agency is Looking for the next cover girl, Any flaw and you get dismissed. I know this is harsh but Dont I deserve the best? I really se no competition and Girls with boyfriends are still fair game. But I need to get a haircut. I need all my money for gas because gas is like 2.22 a gallon, I can get it for 2.02 at the shell on Alta View dr. I need gas to cruise around. I like cruising around, It is like a hobby to me, I think of myself as a true American Just wasting gas doing laps around Southwestern College. But I got out of the car to walk around, There was a lot of girls. I liked it A lot. When will one find me good enough to be with. I will admit that I am lonely and I want to be with someone. I want to be in love again, is that to much to ask for. Please I beg you. And to the people who object to what I do, I have a message for them.. Sue me..\
10:41 I am waiting for Joanna to get off work. She is suppost to come see me after 2 pm. I have no idea what I will do until then waiting for her. Snitches Are calling 1-800 crime stoppers when they see me. Im about this paper There is no time sitting behind bars. Fuck that, I would never let anyone take me out my zone Im back from Southwestern College Parking Lot. There seems to be a shortage of white boys so That means It is pimping season for cats like me. And I def. Want a nice asian girl to be my play toy every weekday and weeknight you know he.he.he. Yha I seen some nice ass at the College and When I get a number hooked up here at the depa I will be sure to pass that Number out. You know How I do it. I want to give a shout outs to all those fine Asian Girls at SWC and to those Boyfriends who let their girls out to college for the semester to meet me. I think I will get a parking pass even though I do not go to school there. It is just me and my stiraphone cup gone off that lean and a pocket full of blunts. I had to floss on Those Cats at The bus stop you know. I was bumping my pudd daddy cd no way out and cash money greatest hits when I hit the bus stop The song said..and You know how slow the new rolls Royce be.. I saw these peoples faces drop because I just changed seasons in Chula Vista. Instead of taxing season because I got to smoke, It is Flossing Season Because I gotta Shine Splashing Season Because I gotta get wet. These girls were jocking me hard. Plenty of fools had the new navigator or caddie but I was geed up in the Prelude with the fresh fade, An unstoppable mix. So many new fresh Faces. So many new people. I love it. This is what keeps me going in Life. This is what keeps me alive. 2 pac was wrong because everywhere I go I never see the same hoe. I never want to be alone and even though all my friends have moved on to bigger and better things and I still may be at the same community college trying to talk to the same girls, well At least I never give up. I may be years behind my peers but I can always make new friends. It is only a short amount of time before I lay down the game. Today I was Only stalking my prey. Looking at the masses and choosing what genes I want for my own. I guess they say wolves Hunt In packs but I hunt alone and I let every girl know what I want and they know what I am looking for. At SWC there is a Rock that overlooks the whole campus kind of in front of the library going toward the computer lab. Well I stood on that rock today for about 20 minutes while all the new students had to pass me by. I looked closely at each person putting them into separate groups and categories in my own personal rola-dex. I saw one or two I plan to keep. When I start hitting girls up there will be no stopping me, I will manipulate each and every one of them and Probably end up destroying each of their lives by just saying a few words that will repeat in their minds for the rest of their lives. See nobody can stop me, I rule in my own territory and The only enemy I have in my area is Myself. I can only beat myself. I can only top myself. The trap is set. Lets see what I can catch..
It is 1:19 p.m. and I will be seeing kieko very soon. I think she is a nice girl and I like talking to her. I saw something at the SWC parking lot at 8:23 a.m. in the back parking lot. There was a dropped blue two door accord with a Filipino guy laying back holding his girls head stroking her hair while talking about the issues of the day. I thought that was soo sweet Just him and his girl talking, it is like they are in their own little world and nobody knows about it but them. Things like that make me wish I had someone to be with and to talk to like that. I wouldnt be sad all the time, just me and her in our own little world. I would even buy a cell phone even though I hate cell phones. I would have someone to walk with me through Plaza Bonita because I kind of hate walking alone. I would have someone to cook for because I always cook for myself and that gets boring sometimes. I would have someone to hold because my pillow doesnt like me too much. I would go shopping with her because wal-mart sucks shopping alone. I would have someone to call because I like talking to girls more than guys. And I would have someone to love because I have a lot of love to give, 3:56 p.m. Aug 25th 2003 Kieko Never showed up to Jack In the Box Parking lot. She said she would get out at 2 and be there but then she never picked up her cell phone. So I did what any guy would do. Grab a pen and paper and go to Southwestern College to get numbers. Today was just a warm up for tomorrow. I cruised by the bus stop as usual bumping puff daddy been around the world.. The Girls were Staring, then I park and Walk up to the bus stop and Look at each girl one by one walking slowly. I swear I cause a scene everywhere I go. The Girls are scared to make eye contact with me but I catch one or two. I saw a girl I thought was cute so I got a closer look. When I walked up to her she didnt look so good so I kept on moving. I now carry a small gold chain with a huge red ruby in the middle. I twirl it Around so the sun reflects the gold and the ruby. The gold Diggers Will jump out of the bushes for that piece of A rock.. Sometimes I feel it is a shame that my blood is Mixed with so many Races and sometimes I feel it is good because I can experience what everyone feels, I understand so much because I am mixed and I understand other people at the same time. If you think white boys are rare at Southwestern College Just Imagine how rare White boys are in Ph. Even a mixed white boy is hard to find. And that is where I come in. Forming a monopoly in My own City of Jimrock is what I do. I have already established several names for myself but Now I am doing something never done before, I am invading a secret scene and Showing up to key events to establish a Ambassador type status in ph. And The Girls who want to try something new can come my way. I get the best of both worlds. 11:24 am Aug 26th 2003 I just came back From Southwestern College. The Tuesday Thursday Crowd Was there today.. It is the first day for them too. I promised myself I would go up to girls and ask them for their number and guess what I did.. I made a piece of paper with name and Number listed at the top like a sign up sheet. I walked around and when I saw a girl I liked I WOULD SAY Do you have a boyfriend? And before they can awnser I ask, Can I have your number and I put out my sheet. Most of the girls laugh.. I use some of my interpersonal communication skills in this exercise. See I only walk up to girls in groups of 2 or 3 with or without a guy. I like to give the people something to talk about when I walk away. Why do girls wear sunglasses on a sunny day at SWC? So I cannot catch them looking at me. I am just joking. But I think I made a lot of girls smile today because In front of all their friends I walk up to them and ask them for their number. And when They say they have a boyfriend I look a bit sad and say thank you and walk away. I am the ballsy type who will ask for a girls number in front of her own mom or in front of her boyfriend. There is nothing wrong with what I am trying to do, It is like asking a girl if I can have sex with her in front of all her friends and she has the option to say yes or no. I shower and brush my teeth, I wear nice clean clothes and I am polite and nice. It is weird because in those few moments that I walk up to a girl I am changing that persons life and my own at the same time. All those hours shopping and fixing her makeup and working out has paid off for her in those few seconds. That girl now has a higher self esteem in herself today. She walks with her head a little bit higher today. And you know what I will do if I get one of those girls close to me, Someone is going to get fucked, and that is for sure.. You should have seen me with puff daddy in my cd player with the lean. I was leaning to the side with my hand on the steering wheel, I hold the spot. Plenty of so called players try to get girls but Guess who is on the grind walking the campus actually hitting up girls and not just looking Jim rock I think I am this way because when I saw tina at lolitas and 7-11 she had this look on her face and when she spoke it was kind of sarcastic in a way. The look in her eye was Jim you lying motherfucker , I know you have tons of girls . I know this sounds stupid but the vibe I got from her was,. Well she was telling me it is ok for me to go meet someone else and for me to find someone else. I know that hurts to say because I did love her for along time. But I can remember her eyes even right now, It was that look in her eye that trips me out. I was telling her I just got back from the mall and I was looking for a girl to be my girlfriend and she gave me that look. Like I was lying. I got closure if that is what you want to know. 11:59 am I plan to take a shower and go back to Southwestern College and Try to get some more girls numbers. I just want one girl, I am not trying to be greedy It is just I am working the ratios. Not every girl will like me and sometimes we wont be compatible so I have to get like 15 to 20 Numbers just to meet one. 2:41 p.m. Aug 26th 2003 I just came back from SWC. I got two girls Numbers. One Girl was sitting in that air conditioned Kick it room in the center of Campus next to the Cafeteria. She stood out like a shining light to me. I jumped a table just to get close to her. I sat down next to her and Said.. Do you have a boyfriend? She said yha, why?. I said, I decided I needed to meet someone in my life so I would walk around Southwestern College and ask the Prettiest girl I see for her Number. She said, So you think Im pretty hu? . She already knew the answer to that question. I said give me the number of one of your friends so I can meet someone. I think she gave me her own number but who cares, I made her feel good for the day, I made her feel special, I made her feel wanted and that is all that really matters. I got this other fine ass Asian girls Number by the auditorium in front of the school. She thought I was doing a contest with some other guys seeing who can get the most girls numbers.. I told her the truth That I just moved here from Mexico city and I was trying to meet new people. Damm she was fine, I mean a proper girl with a face to die for. I almost melted just looking at her. I should have been doing this along time ago, But I just was not true to myself. I wasn;t ready to move on from tina and I was just not ready. Now things are different, it is a new day and I really want to meet someone and be good to her. And I know I will be a good boyfriend and a good man to whatever girl chooses me. 4:58 p.m. Tuesday Aug. 26th I just got back from Dropping Dee ala off at home. We both went by SWC to look at the girls. I had to show him that SWC is popping and he should fix himself up to go there sometime and talk to some girls. It is better than chillin at the pad and smoking d. I cooked some chicken for myself. I wish I had a girlfriend so I could give her some of my food. I could rub her back if she felt sore. I could turn on the air conditioner because she said she felt hot and she needed to cool down. P ditty said he hits dimes what does he need with a 9. He is a ballor he will score and pass it. I really do not care how long these girls have been with their man. For me, it is just a matter of time. If I wanted I could take these girls from their man. If making hits is a crime, I plead guilty.
5:33 pm I want a girlfriend real bad. So bad I am devoting my whole life to finding one. I give myself about 2 weeks to find one. I have severed contact with every person I know. I have moved to a secret Location in The City of Jimrock. If it seems I am being selfish I am not. I am just looking out for myself, I deserve to be happy and finding someone special to show my love to will make me happy. I dont care if I am working at Jack in the Box as long as I am coming home to the girl I love. I dont care if I have to walk everywhere because my girlfriend is using my car to go to work or school, because that is the type of person I am. The person I share my time or life with means everything to me and nothing else really matters besides that. I cannot see her face in my mind, and that means she could be anyone out there. And without a girl in my life my whole world is Just falling apart. I see tons of guys out there with their Escalades and Yukon XL trucks on 22 inch rims, and here I am In my prelude just cruising around. The way I see it, is that in life It doesnt matter if you have a good job or the biggest and best car, I think the person who talks to the prettiest girl wins. Because who are these fools trying to impress really, If they did it for themselves yha that is ok, But they are trying to floss for the girls. It is obvious. They have all these smooth lines, I have only one line, Do you have a boyfriend? Can I get your number? I have simplified the art to basic Latin. I am not mr.smooth and I get nervous around girls but I am lonely and it gets harder for me every day. So I do what I have to do and bear down and ask girls for their number. Sure I get shot down and Dee ala told me to wear my Teflon. I feel good today, Tomorrow is another day. And If I end up meeting one of these girls I got their number from today, and if we ever spend some time together I will be sure to show them how much I appreciate them spending that time with me. I will be sure to show them my love. Because without someone my whole world is falling apart. Im not living on the edge anymore and I cannot provide all the material things a girl needs to be happy but I am willing to be there every step and if you fall I will be there to pick you up. 8/26/2003 6:52:46 PM I guess It is almost time for me to go to bed. I want to call those numbers I got but I do not have a phone here. I cant afford a phone for this apartment so I think I will get a pager. I have to wait 3 days to call the numbers I got today. I guess that is a rule some original g made up. Day after tomorrow sounds good to me. Thursday night to plan something for Friday. Things will be hard in these few weeks coming up, But I will try my hardest to meet someone and , well I dont really care who she is just along as she is with me. Am I weak person because I need someone to be with. I just do not want to be alone. I would put my whole self into any girl who would let me. Am I crazy because I am obsessed with girls? No, I think I am just human, and a dash of late puberty. I am not sure what is in store for my future but I am entering it blindly. I kind of want to cry right now. I do not want to be alone, I just wish someone would see that in me. Take one look in my eyes and see how I need you in my life. I am not sure How I will get through these days coming up. I will just take my chances I guess. Am I obsessed with girls? I think I have a serious problem. People tell me to get a job because they think I want money. I could care less about money, I could care less about clothes and Watches or chains people wear. I could care less about those nice cars. The Only think I want is some soft skin of a girl who rolls with me, a nice dark skin Filipina or a sweet Asian straight out of ph. That is all I want, nothing more than that. Those Mexican stuck up girls can suck a black dudes dick for all I care. Social Girls are played and swear they are the shit. 8/26/2003 9:57:39 PM I work to provide all the material things I think would make you happy. Dam how I think I have wasted so much time when I could have been with you, whoever you are. Why did I fall in love, because I do not want to be alone. Here I am crying in my room because That is what I am.. Lonely and alone. I am listening to power 96 Miami Mix Dubbed off the radio and put on kazaa. It is a freestyle mix dj laz and zombie the 5 o clock traffic mix. It is some fat mix with some star wars beat that mixes each song. Scary at times. I was sitting up thinking about life and all the people I have met and the changes I have been making in my own life this week alone. Everyone I have known I have just dropped once Again. I was thinking if things were not working well I just need to fix it. 24 hours a day I work on finding someone to love. I know it sounds stupid but it is true. I dont want my dream girl. I just want any girl, There are tons of smart cute girls out there and I deserve one for myself. Your friends should tell you that you are lucky to have a guy like me. If I put my mind to something I cannot fail, correct? Do I live in South East Daygo? No I live IN The Pinay Section of Paradise Hills. I love to hide here, and I would love to die here. It is the perfect mix of asian, black, and a dash of Mexican. That is why a mixed white boy like me fits so well here. I would do anything for a girl who would call me her man. I would walk 10 miles on foot just to see her, I would take 3 buses just to find her. I would pick her up in the middle of the night if she called me, and if she needed somewhere to sleep she can stay with me because I am here for you.. I know I would be a good boyfriend, and I know I do not believe in god but I will pray for something. I pray for one girl to love me and I will love her and Then I can die a happy person, because I am not happy now and I have not been happy since I left tina to go to North County. I have soo many regrets and I am tired of thinking what if I did that or why didnt I ask her on a date Well those days of regrets are gone because I am doing all the things I was scared of along time ago,
8/26/2003 10:35:01 PM Week after week I would see girls looking at me but I never made a move. I would hear them whistling at me when I would walk by, and I knew I could mess around with certain girls who would look at me in that sexy way you know. But I never made the move or approach to them. I do not why I was just not ready and I did not feel the way I do now. But Now I have made changes in my life. I remember I was asking a girl for her number and some guy was looking at me across the table and he was amazed that I just walked up and started talking to this fine ass Filipino girl . When she finished writing her number and I took the paper his jaw was still dropped, I wanted to stand up and say class is dismissed because I did it textbook style. And the thing is all these guys try to look cool and spit the game blab blab and condensate. You should see me, I usually stumble up to a girl tripping and falling. I look so not smooth. I have no pimp lines, Guys try to make fun of me when they hear me say Do you have a boyfriend? Can I get your number? I really dont care when people make fun of me because Those guys are losers compared to me. They make fun of something or someone they do not understand. I have been around the world, I have seen many cultures and lived deep within many of those cultures. Im tired of running around town with a sack or rocks. Smoking bomb and kickin it is all good but I want more. I want to be with someone from the normal scene, no more shell town and no more national city. Cmon now people, I need Eastlake and I need Bonita. I was just bread that way.\ 8/29/2003 1:57:44 PM So many things have happened since the last time I wrote here. I got an email from dj.Blur. He said he and create are planning some shit like an event and he wanted me to be a part of it. I called all the Numbers I got on the piece of paper from the girls at SWC. Yha I am going to go see tina on Monday. She lives in otay ranch close to Eastlake. I have to call her cell at 12:55 because she gets out of class at 1pm. I need to hook up with Dj Blur because I know me and him along with create and Strick can Really throw a party. I made another decision in my life walking out from SWC today. Hey, you know I dont go to school there, I just go there to talk to girls. I saw this beautiful Asian Girl by the Library sitting down in front of the new entrance right on those cement blocks you know. Well I passed her by and I looked to the right, she had on these sweet dark brown boots with the pointy tip with some dark blue jeans I think. She was a freak. I walked right passed her while she was sitting alone there. I got all the way to my car and I kept telling myself, (why didnt I go talk to her?) So I told myself I do not want to live with regrets in my life. So I walked back up the stairs and looked at the same spot that girl was and guess what? She was gone, see how fast they come, that is how fast they go. But the fact that she was gone does not mean anything to me, I went back, I made the decision to cross that line I never cross. I made the choice to go back and the next time I will not be going back I will just stop. I swear sometimes I think my mind works like a computer. I will be on my trips to the mall or college and In my own mind all I am thinking is about one thing, what girls do I want. I look at each girl with terminator type eyes, as A former kingpin in the party promotion game I can evaluate any person and tell you a story about their life and where they live just from what they look like and what they wear. I know what type of girls I like. And I can just look at a girl and tell you how smart they are. I know the cool ones who think just like me. Some girls have a mind of a guy and Some guys like me have the mind of a female. I was in a group of cats the other day, somewhere in South East and well I can tell you one thing. Some heads in the room were shot callers, some were balers and some were drug dealers, but all the girls wanted to get to know me. The guy that all the girls like is the guy who all the guys envy and imitate. I have to say I really enjoy this cell phone explosion. Every girl has a cell phone and it is easier than ever to get a hold of any girl at an instance. I like my SPM Cd I dubbed on windows media player. Some Mexicans with black vibes. South east texas they represent. That reminds me about the parties. I know why dj blur wants to work with me, It is because I know something he does not know. I know these streets and these people in the south bay a lot more than him or create put together. And he wants chula vista territory and there is only one person who owns the east side of Chula and that is Jimrock. Why Does Jimrock mean so Much to The South bay and The parties that Happen in those areas. Some people run the South Side. Some people run the north. But The pivotal area is the South bay and There is only one Crew and One guy who calls shots there, and everyone knows it.
8/29/2003 6:12:16 PM I just got back from WALKING TO the pay phone. I like to walk because I get time to think about my next moves. I talked to blur and I am going to pick him up tomorrow to talk about the next events. I guess create got some investors from La to throw some events at a where house in mission gorge off the 8 freeway. I am all for pushing events in the US especially in times like these when the scene is dead. Actually I was wrong when I said that the scene was dead. The scene just changed names. It changed to the gang scene then the tweak scene. All the socials left SWC and now it is Filipino and blacks there for fall 2003. So create lives right next to me and blur lives in Chula. The dream team is finally hooking up. Jimmy aguilar will be left out I think and that is a shame, that is what you get when you get greedy. I was so feeing to promote I was going to pass out flyers for dj.Idol from Lifted entertainment for some gaslamp clubs. He said he would pay cash But I am down for the south bay and Gas lamp is not me and my peoples steelo you know what I mean. Ill push that where house in mission valley Because It is a new location and I am down for where house underground parties. Smoking bomb in where houses isnt easy but Jimrock gotta do it. I really see nobody throwing parties in South sd or sd alone. Sparks and minx are old timers who only run the white scene. The blacks couldnt throw a good party if churches had a half off sale on Friday night. I need to promote. It is what keeps me busy. I have been depressed lately because I have had no direction, I have had no purpose in life. People need to feel wanted, people need to feel like they are accomplishing something or helping someone to go on with life or life seems meaning less. And sure my web sites give me pleasure I mean I get hundreds of thousands of hits on all my web sites no doubt. And my videos are the bomb and everyone loves them. But throwing the parties is what really gets to me because that is instant gratification to see something packed. That feeling when I see 200 cars lined up for half a mile on some street gives me goose bumps to this day. I love it when dre lays it down like that new song what you gonna do what shit hits the fan.. I like that pimp shit to bad eminem didnt get a verse.

8/30/2003 1:43:21 PM so Many things to talk about I wont say anything. It seems my apartments are the center of ruin and tribal peoples you know. I hate these cats who think they are on top when I splash on them like waves or a tsunami on top of their asian ass. You know their girl wants to get with me.

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