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A small explanation:
OK kiddies, as you've probably noticed, the name on this web site has been changed back to the PNE. Well, the original The Plutonium Nyborg Express is still dead. Basically, I wanted to take the 'zine in a different direction, make it a bit more serious, with mostly original work - as opposed to all the junk mail off the internet. I had attempted to bring you all a new 'zine, called Terminally Unfocused Behavior.

We got off one issue and quit.

Believe it or not, after hearing people bitch about the old Nyborg, once it was changed, they wanted the old Nyborg back!

So.....what I have decided to try is to bring back the Nyborg, but only at conventions. Because I do have to pay for everything out of my pocket and am sick of people bitching in Raleigh, you will now only be able to get a copy of the Nyborg twice a year at MOC and MOCtoberFest.

You can still see old PNE stuff by clicking on the link below, however that site has not been updated in about 6 months.

Nyborg On The Web!

Now, if you are interested in sending me submissions, whether you attend cons or not, you can mail them to the address below. If enough non-mocsters send me things and I can get some extra money, I may consider printing a second batch and creating some sort of mailing list. As always, we accept anything you want printed as long as it is not a personal attack on someone (singular or a group), and it must be original work! I don't want the same lame Little Johnny joke that's been filtering around the internet for the last 5 years!


Please include whatever name you want to be known by (your full name, initials, nickname, or anonymous) - be specific or I'll print the name on the e-mail or return address.

In the meantime, I have converted this site into a link for the old Nyborg, and my Convention Page. So run down a little further on this page, click on the link, and see what we freaks (and many others) do in our spare time! You might even want to come to a Con yourself!

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