E-shack's  Games



Fighting Games

 Xmen Vs Street Fighter  -Online! (Most Played)

        ShinaBu - Slice your Foes! (Most Played)

     Disorderly (G8+) - Kill Old People... No offence - Linked May Not Work!

Sim Games

Sim Girl  - First Hentai Version Of Get The Girl  (M15+)

Ganguro Girll - Second Hentai Version Of Get The Girl  (M15+)

 Celeb Virtual MX - Celeb Version Of Get The Girl (PG13)


Action Games

War On Terrorisim (M15) - Counter Strike in Flash??? :) (NEW)

Polar Bear Rescue - Blade 2, dragon ball z and the Matrix style game but you are a polar bear  (G) (Most Played)

 Piimp Quest (PG13) - Fun Game!!! Donut For Me? I Love you For ever!

 Picos School (PG13)  -  Kill Terrorist that envade your School

Xiaoxiao 4   (M15+)  - Good game Just like Virtual Cop!



HypraSpeed (G) - Fun online Multiplayer racing game! (NEW)

Nitto Racing (G) - Realy boring racing game I Seriously hate it!...


TETRIS (G) - Very Cool Game (NEW) -Go to the site and then go to all games then click on Tetris!



X-ray Glasses (M15+) - I can see you!



Ulti-mate Downloads - E-shacks Online Downloads find games,music,cracks and other gaming stuff... thanks Theo! (NEW, FUN! )

GlobZ ---- (NEW, FUN! )


Linked Games

Hacky Sack JR


Kentucky Space Battles

Joe Barbarian

Dragon Ball Z

Adventures of Bibo 2

3 Foot Ninja


Bakuhatsu Panic 2

Megaman Project X

Terrorist Alert

Wrath II

Metal Slug Rampage


Celebrity Fight Club

Tactics Core

Kung Fu Fighting

Smosh Strike

Sheep Jumper

Duck Hunt