Blade 2 MA15+

If You like The Matrix and Buffy You Will most Like This Movie Combined With Very Good Visual  Effects Like "Bullet Time" - (Realy Slow Motion)  and A Lot Of Gore...It was Written By Stan Lee The Person Who made Spider-man, The Main Story is Not That Good  Though IT Still Has A catch From Blade 1, If You Havent Seen Blade 1 Then Dont Bother Seeing Blade 2. Over all I give "Blade 2" a 9.5

Spider-Man - M15

Geat Movie With Brillent Visual Effects! It still Has Some Great Links From The Classic Spider-Man In The 60's. It is A Great Movie to Watch if your a Marvel Freak Or if YTour Not. The Story Was Written By Stan Lee Who Also Wrote Blade 1 And 2 It has Some Thing's you can learn Like Not to Fight With Your Loved Ones And That You Must Stand Up To Your Self. OVer All I give "Spider-man" a 10

MEN IN BLACK 2 - MIB 2 - M15

Well It Wasent what i thought it was going to be... It was Pretty funny Though But Lacking Some Action From MIB 1. It had a Pretty Stupid Ending - (Must watch to know what i am talking about) I infact Did not like MIB 2 So Over all I give "MIB 2" a 7

Big Fat Lier - Other site Reviews
14-year-old Jason uses his tall tale telling talents to get revenge on the no good Hollywood producer who is turning his stolen term paper into a big summer movie.