Who is this guy?

Who is Tank you ask......Tank's name is Ralph. He is a simple guy or at least he tries to be. He likes to be entertained and entertain others, especially making people laugh. Now he does not claim to be a comedian or anything but when there is a chance at a corny joke and you think of it but think it is to stupid to say out loud, he is there to fill the void and say it. He doesn't mind looking like a goofy guy if other people smile. Sometimes it takes jokes about other people to make you smile and if thats what it takes, then thats what he has to do. He doesn't claim to be a smart guy but he knows enough to get by and if not, he is smart enough to find a way to get by. He credits that to his high school education at Ben Franklin High School. It doesnt take a genious to write answers on the calculator case.

Where is Tank from you ask.....Tank is from New Orleans. The East to be exact. Growing up in The East has prepared him to go into battle in the "real world" as his mom says. There is nothing like driving and ducking in a car and being followed by another car with their lights off and a guy hanging out the window waving some sort of projectile at you. If there is one thing to learn from this is that if you are ever a stop light and 3 in the morning, you should never make eye contact with the person next you. Another thing learned is that a bowling alley and a spa is not just a bowling alley and a spa when the sun goes down.

Why is The East so special you ask.....Tank thinks it takes a special guy to be from The East. First of all you need to know how to defend your home with a can of biscuits and yams. Tank also thinks that when you are from The East you can get away with cruising for girls in a Diplomat or an Omni. Another benefit is that when you are ready to date girls, all the trash has been weeded out already and it is safe to say that they already have a couple of kids. "What ever dude," does not belong in your vocabulary, when you are from The East.

What does Tank do you ask.....Tank cuts a lot grass. He believes that it is the only way to make a "honest" dollar. Tank has done many things to make a buck: a food store and running a couple of businesses of his own by making smoothies and selling CDs at Sam Goody. But Tank has learned one thing from a fellow business man about making a buck and that is "To survive, you can't be greedy." In his free time he attends some classes at LSU.

What is Tank interested in you ask....Tank loves football and music. Whether playing or watching football, you can never get enough. From pregame to the replay of Primetime on ESPN on Sundays, you can find him sitting in front the tube. He sees it as studying for the future.
Tank has a many number of CDs. It takes a person of the 80's to appreciate the quality of his CDs. He also has been known to play the first ten seconds of a few songs on guitar.


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