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WELCOME to the Simply the Best of Clay Aiken fansite. This fansite contains nothing, but the best pictures, wallpapers, quotes,and more!

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Simply the best of Clay Aiken Site Updates - What's New:

November 19, 2005:
  • New 2005 Jukebox Tour and 2005 Joyful Noise wallpapers added to the wallpapers section.
  • New Clay photos added to all categories.

*I absolutely thought I would never put together a fansite, not of any star, not even Clay... but here I go... my first ever fansite. There are many other wonderful fansites out there that are dedicated to Clay, but I thought Id be a little different and focus on only the BEST of Clay Aiken! What I mean is here I will sort through the good and the bad and create (myself) the best wallpapers and post only the high quality, interesting, and fun pictures as well as only the deserving stories, facts, events and other media. With this site I will not get too deep, but if youre looking for the best, this is the place to be!

To get started viewing all of the best of Clay, browse the menu to the right or select a category above.

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