Don't lose your faith no matter how hopeless life may seem. Death is one of the most common reasons someone loses faith. It hurts terribly when someone we love dies and the closer they were to us in life, the more pain we endure. Often the person experiencing the loss becomes angry at God or denies His existance, which I can tell you from experience, leads to even more feelings of depression and hopelessness and is often accompanied by confusion. So many questions may run through your mind. Don't be afraid to ask God any questions that may trouble you. He is always listening and watching over you. You can deny Him all you want and He'll still love you and understand. I denied Him for a long time and the whole time I still prayed for comfort and for Him to understand. I asked for forgiveness of the feelings and thoughts I was having and He forgave me. I feel as though I know that He has forgiven me not only because I asked to be forgiven, but also because He blessed my life with the one special thing that would bring me eternal happiness... my husband.
      To be honest, I don't really talk about my religion often. I guess it is because I feel that it is too personal and, at the same time, I do not want anyone to feel that I'm forcing my beliefs upon them, but at the same time, I do enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with others.
      There are many nonbelievers who say that the reason they do not believe is because they do not believe the Bible. All I can say, is that as there are many who believe every word of the Bible, there are others who believe in God but not the Bible. I am not the one to judge others, so I do not say that they are wrong for believing that. All I have to say to them is no matter what you believe, trust in God and follow Him with all of your heart and that's what really matters. I have also found people who say that they do not believe in anything because they feel the need to question everything. While it's good to ask questions, it's not good to give up your faith just because you do not understand everything. After all, everyone needs to have faith in something, or life wouldn't really mean anything.
      My point is that when you really search for Him with all of your heart, you will find Him. I found Him when I needed Him most and he blessed me with my wonderful husband Ken. Together, we will bring eachother happiness for the rest of our lives. Best wishes to you all.
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