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     Welcome to Thoughts of Inspiration! Some people may believe that this is a personal site, but believe me, it's not intended to be one as I created this for you, not myself, although it does inspire me and make me happy. I sincerely hope it does the same for you!
      I am a young woman who has had a hard life. Mine was a lot worse than most and I was forced to grow up before my time because of it. I can remember when I was ten years old and began speaking as though I was much older, which everyone pointed out to me proudly. They thought it was great that I was more mature than a ten year old should be, but inside I wanted so badly to be the child I was in my heart. I felt as though life was robbing me of my childhood and I couldn't stop it. I was right... It did...
      I've been through some extremely hard situations to survive and I lived through it. For years, I denied God. I was so angry at him for so many different reasons. In my heart, I longed to believe in Him once more, but my mind refused to concieve the idea. I hoped and I prayed, despite my disbelief, because I so longed to believe... but I didn't really. It wasn't until I was eighteen years of age that I found Him. My hard life had reached a climax and I was so depressed that I prayed for Him to take me away so I could be in Heaven and be happy. I prayed constantly every day and I found Him. God literally saved my life. He came to me in His own way and showed me the way he intended life to be lived. He gave me the strength I needed and for the first time in my entire life, gave me true happiness. Not the happiness that comes when you adopt a new puppy or the happiness felt when you accomplish something of great achievement. True happiness. The kind of happiness that only comes when you find real, undying, unconditional love. He blessed me by leading my husband and I together. My husband Ken is the unconditional, undying  love that I was losing hope in finding. I cried out and God led Ken to me and now I have found all the happiness that life has to offer with him.
      Since meeting my soul mate Ken, life has been pure bliss. I always wondered what true happiness feels like and now I know. Ken needed me and I needed him. In finding each other, we found the whole secret to life... Finding that one thing that means so much to you that you will do anything to keep. That one thing that you live for, that you wake up to experience each day, and that you can't live without. That's the secret to a happy life...
      Since finding my happiness, I can look back on the way I used to feel and everything that I went through and know that I would do it all over again if I could, for I know true happiness finds me in the end and forever is nothing but the unconditional, undying love Ken and I share. It hurts me knowing that others are going through the hard times I've experieced and it pains me so deeply knowing that they probably feel all alone in the world with their problems. This site is for all of you... All the people who are so hurt by someone or something that you fear waking up each day. For those of you in any situation where you need a friend. I don't know you personally, but I'll be your friend. I know what it's like to be so upset by something that you wish for a resolution so badly that you'd do anything for. This is for those of you who are experiencing emotional issues due to a loved one and those of you who are experiencing loneliness. This is for everyone who is feeling depressed for any reason. You are NOT alone. There are others out there in your situation and they know how you feel. Don't give up on finding happiness! Don't give up on life! Most importantly, don't give up on God! He is holding you when you cry. He is embracing you when you feel hopeless. Open your heart to Him and He will save you and the loved ones you care and worry about. I know this because I've been there and He saved me.
      Throughout these pages you see before you, you will find my thoughts of inspiration. This is my way of reaching out to those of you who are going through hard times and giving you something positive to think about. We all need friends sometime to listen to what we have to say and sometimes to reach out to for advice. Let me be your friend and show you that there is hope and life can be all of the beauty that you so long to experience. I sincerely hope you enjoy this site.
Best Wishes to You All,
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