ISPs who suck, ISP Hall of Shame, Sirius, FirstWorld, Verado

ISP Hall of Shame Inductee

FirstWorld Communications
formerly Sirius Connections, a.k.a. Verado Holdings
defunct as an ISP

ISPs who suck, ISP Hall of Shame, Sirius, FirstWorld, Verado


FirstWorld Communications (formerly Sirius Connections) defunct as an ISP

Personal agony: September 1998 to November 1999

In autumn 1998, I signed up for PPP dialup connectivity with a highly rated (at that time) local ISP, Sirius Connections. They performed decently when I first joined up, and then quickly degraded after acquisition by FirstWorld Communications. After much technical support agony (hours on the phone talking to people who couldn't fix problems/improve network performance) and lousy service (dead news server, busy signals from the dialup server's modems) and performance (decreased availability and throughput, slower DNS lookup speeds) , I wrote snail mail letters to three (3) FirstWorld executives plus the former CEO of Sirius Connections. None of the scumbags answered my letters; they were too %$#@&*! lazy to even get their executive assistants to fire off some lame Dear John letter.

Their utter disdain allows me to make the following conclusions:

January 26, 2000 update

I saw a note on the Sirius Connections web site that the webmail server was down until it was rebuilt:

That's a full month of lameness.

February 14, 2000 update

The Sirius Webmail host ( no longer exists.

Summary: If you want incompetent clowns with zero integrity running your ISP, then FirstWorld (formerly Sirius Connections) is your place. At least a part of their management team suffers from ED (Executive Dysfunction) and not even a fine product from Pfizer could cure it.

July 10, 2000 update

According to FC, a complaint (a.k.a. shareholder class-action lawsuit) has been filed against FirstWorld that the company and some of its officers and directors made false and misleading statements in an SEC registration statement and their IPO prospectus. The company's stock (NASDAQ: FWIS) has dropped from the March 2000 first day debut of 38 3/4 to 3 29/32, not much more than it's all-time low of 3 1/2.

August 4, 2000 update

FirstWorld continues to be bombarded by class-action lawsuits from irate investors. All four covering brokers have downgraded the stock in the past month. The stock hit an all-time low at 2 7/16 on July 31st. FirstWorld's Q2 2000 earnings announcement is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8th. We might see some fireworks!

The continuously running Sirius/FirstWorld fiasco made it a seeming no-brainer to force a November 1999 switch to Excite@Home. Boy, was I going to be wrong. More about that later.

December 21, 2000 update

FirstWorld (NASDAQ: FWIS) closes at $0 21/32, the first of four times in the upcoming days it is to do so. The price is a 52-week low.

February 8, 2001 update

Is it strategy? Cowardice? ValueJet? Or is it a sinister plot to cheat people from their FC points? FirstWorld Communications announces today that it is changing its name to Verado Holdings and its stock symbol to VRDO (maybe to evade shareholder lawsuits). Or maybe the new management team wants to distance themselves from previous bozos who almost ran the company into the ground?

I can't believe I didn't short this stock. I could have made tens of thousands.

April 30, 2001 update

Verado Holdings (NASDAQ: VRDO) closes at $0.35 a share, a brand-new 52-week low.

June 29, 2001 update - There's still room to move down

Verado drops another 37% in less than two months, closing at $0.22 per share, an even swankier 52-week low. Hey, it looks kinda like Webvan's stock price range (NASDAQ: WBVN)!

As you all probably know by now, Webvan said "no mas" and its assets are being auctioned off as I type this. In the world of the deadpool, Webvan has reached cult status. For example, logo-emblazoned trinkets and Webvan stock certificates are fetching good bids on eBay.

July 27, 2001 update - Buh bye, ISP

EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK) has purchased FirstWorld Communication's dialup subscriber list, thus ending FirstWorld as an ISP. One of my former colleagues sends me e-mail saying her longtime Sirius/FirstWorld account is dead.

August 17, 2001 update - "Er, excuse me, Nasdaq would like to talk to you..."

This is not how you want to hit the wire services:

Run for the hills!!!

October 12, 2001 update

Verado Holdings (NASDAQ: VRDO) closes for the eighth time at $0.06 a share, a 52-week low. Ahahahahaha!!! I'd have to sell 333 shares of VRDO just to cover the brokerage trading fee. Good thing I don't have any shares of these scumbags.

July 31, 2002 update

I get occasional bulletins about some continuing legal action against Verado and First World. I guess only the lawyers get rich after the dot-bomb implosion. Lawyers suck.

December 1, 2003 update - Earth to Losers

I just noticed that the domain name has been sold to Sirius XM satellite service where it's getting a lot more use than it ever did as an ISP's home page.


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ISPs who suck, ISP Hall of Shame, Sirius, FirstWorld, Verado