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There are plenty of lame sites on the Internet, but here are some that merit special attention: places with a paltry signal-to-noise ratio.

10. Slashdot

Longtime home to a well-developed community of annoying know-it-alls, Slashdot is a place whose time has come and gone. There are still links to interesting topics, but stay away from the commentary.

Many commentors simply fail to see the forest for the trees. Blinded by their own vision of technology utopia, they don't understand what the general public wants. Classic example: Rob Malda (a.k.a. "CmdrTaco") on Apple's new product, the iPod: "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame."

However, I've written plenty about how Slashdot sucks.

9. Valleywag

Technology journalism is a sad scene. Technology journalists yearn to be considered technologists but let's face it. If you really, deeply understand technology, you'd be writing books and consulting like Paul Sappho or Esther Dyson, instead of toiling as a hack, thinking about consulting fees instead of column-inches.

Technology gossip writing is even worse. It was bad during Chris Nolan's days of writing the "Talk Is Cheap" column, and it's still bad today.

Valleywag's fawning coverage and useless obsessions (e.g., their desire to map the Googleplex) echo the silly tech worship that preceded Dot-Bomb 1.0. All we need to do is resurrect that stupid IPO Night at Spago Palo Alto and the circle will be complete.

Whatever they write about really isn't all that important. The upper echelon of Sillycon Valley is tight-lipped when talking to outsiders. While people have their axes to grind and it is known within the community of senior executives, VCs, etc., it rarely gets out beyond the private clubs and boardrooms.

8. Digg

Digg could have been the model community for user-powered content. Sadly, it is just a cesspool of rude, mean-spirited miscreants.

2-7. This could be you!

I'm still thinking about these.

And the worst offender is (drumroll)...

1. This site!

Someone is eventually going to get all hot under the collar when they see their site on this list, so I might as well pre-empt the inevitable tirade by offering my own site as the most tedious.

Even if some people will disagree... :P

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Slashdot sucks, Valleywag sucks, Digg sucks