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"SUANKULARB" means "rose garden" in English. The original school was located in the area of a rose garden in the Grand Palace. The school was founded by King Rama V in 1882 and was originally established for Royal Page Lieutenants; it has always benefited from Royal patronage.
Under the patronage and guidance of King Rama V the school became popular and grew quickly, changing its focus from military training to a much more broadly-based curriculum that reflected the needs of its students. As a result of increasing numbers of students the school was moved from the Grand Palace grounds in 1893 and to its present site in 1910.

In 1981 a multi-purpose building and gymnasium was built to commemorate the school's centennial. It was opened by the present King, H.M. King Bhumiphol (Rama IX), on July 30, 1984. A great auditorium was built in 1995 and opened that year by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirintorn. The teaching of science and technology has been a central policy of the school.

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