Tatted Fan

I received this pattern in a pattern swap a zillion years ago. The pattern is old and I have no idea of the source. The fan is supposed to be on the corner of a place mat and the napkin goes into the fan. The pattern calls for size 30 thread. But you would probably want to use 80 or so for earrings. And stop when the earrings are large enough. Another thought since the fan starts with a ring at the bottom, you could put studs through the ring and use the fan as a sort of earring jacket. Disclaimer, I haven't worked the pattern so I am hoping it contains no errors.

R = ring
P = picot
ch = chain
sep = separated
rw = reverse work
cl = close ring
sk = skip
lp = loop

Ring: 20 ds, p, 2 ds, 8 long p sep by 2 ds, 2 ds, cl r.
Ch: 10 ds, p, 10 ds, join in first p. cut and tie threads.

Row 1: R 6ds, join to first long p, 6ds, cl r, rw. *Ch 3ds, p, 3ds, rw.
R 6ds, join in next long picot 6ds cl r, rw.
Repeat from * all long picots.
Tie and cut thread.

Row 2: R 6ds join in base of r in previous row, 6ds cl r, rw.
*Ch 4 ds,p, 4ds, rw.
R 6 ds join in the base of next ring, 6ds cl r, rw.
Repeat from * across all rings.
Cut and tie threads.

Rows 3 through 13:
Repeat row 2 increasing 1 ds between p of ch in each row.
There will be 15ds p, 15 ds in ch of row 13.

Row 14:
Make a ring of 6ds, join in base of r in previous row, 6ds cl rw. *
Ch 3 ds, 9 p sep by 3ds, 3ds rw.
R 6ds, join in base of next ring, 6 ds cl rw.
Repeat from * across. Tie and cut threads.

Edge of fan
Join in long p at bottom, ch 6ds, join between next two rings
repeat to base of last r, ch 3 ds, join to first p of chain
* (ch 5 ds,p,5ds, sk 1picot, join in next p) 4 times
chain 3 ds, join in first p in next ch,
repeat from * across
ch 3ds, join at base of last r in previous row
ch 6ds, join between rings (this is the side of the fan)
continue in same manner as for opposite side of fan.
Join to long picot.
Tie and cut threads.

As you can see from all this cutting and tieing there is lots of chances to do split rings and not have all the ends to deal with. As I typed the pattern I can tell it is based on an old crochet pattern that enlarges itself by making the chains larger each round. Rather like pineapple patterns do.

-- © Copyright 1996 Suzann Welker

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