2004 Hart Plaza Step Show Winners

2003-05 Michigan State Coordinator was initiated at TAU Chapter--Soraya Farver (Currently active at DAC)

2003-05 Midwest Regional Nominating Committee; Collegiate Member--Aisha M. Scott

Winners of the 2003 Music Hall Stepshow!

Winners of the 2003 (1st Annual) Detroit Classic Stepshow!

2001-03 Regional Nominating Committee Chair was initiated at TAU Chapter--Terri E. Lemon-Bond (currently active at DAC)

2001-03 Member Regional Nominating Committee was initiated at TAU Chapter--Soraya Farver (currently active at DAC)

2002 Michigan State Facilitator is a TAU Chapter Soror--Andrea Love Sumpter (for the second time in two years)

2001-03 Michigan State Council Secretary was initated at TAU Chapter--Katrenia Hosea-Flanigan (currently active at DAC)

2001-03 Michigan State Council Social Action Chair was initated at TAU Chapter--Kim Trent (currently active at IAC)

Editorial from Soror Trent

Winners of the 2002 Blacka The Berry Stepshow!

Winners of the 2002 Hart Plaza Stepshow!

Winners of the 2002 Homecoming Stepshow!

TAU is a co-host Chapter for the 2003 Midwest Regional Confernce

Collegiate Spotlight in Delta Newsletter 2002

2002-03 Michigan Representative for Leadership Delta is a TAU Chapter Soror--Aisha Scott

2003 Collegiate Representative for the Regional Conference is a TAU Chapter Soror--Kenyatta Beckon.

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