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Welcome to my little space on the web. I chose the user name tbbolts44 because the Tampa Bay Lightning are my favorite NHL hockey team. My name is Alicia and this is an assignment website for my Info Tech 12 class. It will be updated with new things and changed constantly. Take a look around and if you would like to please send me an e-mail.

Quite the punch!

Matt Pettinger (#18 Washington Capitals) takes a punch from Corey Sarich of the Tampa Bay Lightning on February 3rds 2-1 Loss.

Pettinger used to play for the Victoria Salsa of the BCHL and was one of my favorite players when I was younger. He is the first member of the Salsa to make it to the NHL.

Playoff Tracker:

1st Round: Conference Quarterfinal

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Islanders
Game1 - 3-0 Tampa Bay
Game2 - 3-0 New York
Game3 - 3-0 Tampa Bay
Game4 - 3-0 Tampa Bay
Game5 - 3-2(OT) Tampa Bay
Tampa Wins series 4-1

2nd Round: Conference Semifinal

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadians
Game1 - 4-0 Tampa Bay
Game2 - 3-1 Tampa Bay
Game3 - 4-3(OT) Tampa Bay
Game4 - 3-1 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Wins series 4-0

3rd Round: Conference Final

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Philidelphia Flyers
Game1 - 3-1 Tampa Bay
Game2 - 6-2 Philidelphia
Game3 - 4-1 Tampa Bay
Game4 - 3-2 Philidelphia
Game5 - 4-2 Tampa Bay
Game6 - 5-4 Philidelphia
Game7 - 2-1 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Wins series 4-3

4th Round: Stanley Cup Final

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Calgary Flames
Game 1 - 4-1 Calgary
Game 2 - 4-1 Tampa Bay
Game 3 - 3-0 Calgary
Game 4 - 1-0 Tampa Bay
Game 5 - 3-2 Calgary
Game 6 - 3-2 Tampa Bay
Game 7 - 2-1 Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Wins 4-3


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