1. Name: Captain Julio Sham
  2. Occupation: Rents sailboats on Lake Lachrymose.
  3. Disguise: An Eye-patch, peg leg, and sailor uniform.
  4. Identifiable Traits:
    1. Evil smile
    2. Shiny evil eyes
  5. Schemes: Captain Sham has found the children at their Aunt Josephine's house and has cooked up yet another scheme to get their fortune. He has decided to befriend Aunt Josephine. He plots to murder her just as he did with Uncle Monty. When Aunt Josephine mysteriously disappears the children find a coded message giving them away to Captain Sham. They use the code to locate her after stealing a boat from one of Olaf's henchmen, but that's still not enough to save the poor children from further unfortunate events as Olaf does eventually find them. They have a showdown on the Lake and it doesn't end particularly well.

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